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2 old faces, 2 new on City Council

Two incumbents and two newcomers were elected Tuesday to the City Council.

Three of the winners will serve two-year terms on the council. One will fill the remaining year in a former council member's term.

Incumbents Allen Waldrop, a retired aerospace engineer, and Wayne Kaffai, who sells mobile homes, got the most votes, garnering 342 and 311 respectively. They both will serve two-year terms.

Newcomer Donald D. Hall, a telephone technician for Pinellas County, got 285 votes and will also serve a two-year term. The fourth candidate in the race, former council member Kaye Woolcott, a beauty consultant, got 216 votes.

In the race for the one-year term, newcomer Cynthia Peters, who sells real estate, defeated Frank Lombardi, a dentist. Peters, 43, got 273 votes. Lombardi, 52, got 163. Lombardi is a former council member who also lost a bid for re-election last year.

City Attorney John Hubbard said 462 voters, or 39 percent of those registered, cast ballots.

No major issues divided this year's candidates. However, the four winners ran together on a slate and claimed in their campaigning that they were "positive for Belleair Beach."

"I think we had a real good slate this time," said Waldrop, 65, who won a second term on the council. "I'm real happy for the city."

Kaffai, who was appointed to the council last fall to fill a vacancy, said campaigning had been a good experience.

"I got out and met a lot of people," Kaffai, 48, said. "I found there are a lot of beautiful people living here in Belleair Beach."

Kaffai and Peters have lived in the city for a year.

"I think we'll get some positive things done," Peters said.

Hall, 57, said he had been fighting a respiratory infection all day but had gotten out to campaign.

"I met a lot of nice people walking these streets," Hall said.

Lombardi said he wasn't terribly disappointed.

"It's not a bad showing," Lombardi said.

Woolcott could not be reached for comment.