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Jobless man saves tot in runaway car

An unemployed man took quick action to save a toddler stuck in a runaway car on a busy highway _ and that won him a temporary job that will let him advertise himself.

Max Byers started work Tuesday as a weatherman at KSLX radio in suburban Scottsdale, said disc jockey Jeanne Sedello.

"We hired him for a week, and . . . he is going to start plugging himself," Sedello said. "He is working out great. He is a very gracious individual."

Byers was driving home Saturday after a job interview when he saw a car ahead of him slam into a parked flatbed truck.

The impact sheared off the car's roof and killed the driver, but the car bounced off and kept going.

Byers drove closer to the moving vehicle and saw 2-year-old Paul Reesman in a child-restraint seat. The boy's father, Marvin E. Reesman, 35, had died almost instantly, police said.

"I knew I had to do something quick and something correct," Byers recalled.

He drove his pickup ahead of the car and applied his brakes to stop the car. His pickup was damaged, but he and the boy were unhurt.

In addition to the radio job, Byers has received praise and free repairs for his pickup.

"Everyone is so gracious," said Byers, a former Maricopa County detention officer who was laid off a year ago. "But I don't see myself as what people have labeled me: a hero."

Reesman's wife, Pat, disagreed. "He may not consider himself a hero, but he gave me back my baby, my last gift from my husband," she said.