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Library expansion assisted

The efforts of Citrus Springs' residents to expand their library received a boost from the County Commission on Tuesday. Noting that the expansion project is being paid for with private donations, commissioners agreed that the library's benefactors should not also have to pay impact fees, which are expected to come to $8,000. The county will pay the fees. Impact fees are assessments on construction to alleviate demands on services caused by growth.

Vote on Meadowcrest road

The commission Tuesday agreed that a new road into Meadowcrest to serve the proposed grocery store is not a significant change to the community's development order. The new road would be built 510 feet east of Meadowcrest Boulevard at State Road 44. Commission Chairman Chet White voted against the proposal.

Road-map system approved

The commission approved a $50,000 contract with a consultant to design a computerized road mapping system for Citrus. The program is expected to help determine how developments would affect the road network. White voted against the contract with Greiner Inc.

Contract change criticized

A proposal to increase the $8.5-million jail construction contract by $3,500 met with strong resistance from White. White suggested county staff and consultants should do a better job of reviewing blueprints before projects are bid.