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Planning official sued over land

A Port Richey planning commissioner has been sued by a condominium association that contends he illegally gained control of land intended for the association.

Members of the Sand Pebble Pointe I Condominium Association contend that Frank Lott misrepresented his intentions when he approached the former landowner about donating the property, according to a suit filed in Pasco-Pinellas Circuit Court.

Lott, who was the association president at the time, told the property owner that transferring the property to his name would be the same as donating it to the condo association, said association attorney Michael Brudny.

The former owner, Ranch Del Ciervo, intended to donate the land to the condominiums to help with parking and other purposes, Brudny said.

While he was president, Lott approached the owners with a deed and had them sign the land over to the Pebble Pointe Yacht and Tennis Club. The organization is owned and controlled by Lott and was not affiliated with the association, but Lott had led the seller to believe that the group was an overall association that would benefit both groups, Brudny said.

"He took the property away from the association," Brudny said.

Lott could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

According to the suit, after Lott took possession of the property, he told association members during a meeting that they could use the property if they bought shares in his corporation. Brudny did not know how much the shares would cost.

The association has spent money on surveying and other costs for the land, the suit stated. The group is seeking a transfer of title of the land from Lott. It also is seeking an injunction to prevent Lott from holding unauthorized meetings at the condominiums, as well to prevent him from telling others that he has the right to control the land's future use.