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BBs break windows at homes in Holiday

Two homes in the Colonial Hills subdivision were targets of someone armed with a BB gun Tuesday night, according to Sheriff's Office reports.

Shortly before 8 p.m., Gordon Grant was sitting in the Florida room of his Morley Drive home when he heard a popping sound. He went to the window, pulled the curtain aside and found a hole in the window pane. He found the BB on the floor.

He later told a deputy that he couldn't recall hearing a vehicle passing or seeing anyone outside.

Five minutes after Grant's window was broken, Chester Yavorski walked into the living room of his nearby home and heard a cracking sound. Then he noticed a hole in the window and found a BB on the floor, records show.

A New Port Richey resident a few miles north, off Trouble Creek Road, called the Pasco Sheriff's Office about 8:30 p.m. to report a similar incident. William B. Deyhle said that an unidentified person fired an unidentified projectile through his living room window.

Pasco sheriff's spokesman Jon Powers said it is unclear whether the incidents were related.