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Clinton accuses GOP of "dirty tricks'

Bill Clinton released a 23-year-old letter Wednesday in which he thanked his ROTC officer for "saving me from the draft."

Clinton released the letter after he received a copy of it from ABC News. The Arkansas governor suggested the letter had been leaked to the press in an attempt to damage his campaign, saying a "dirty tricks" campaign is robbing voters of the chance to decide the campaign on the issues.

Clinton charged that "George Bush and the Republican Party will do anything it takes to win. That's what they did in 1988 and that's what they'll do in 1992. And the fact that this leak apparently occurred just before the New Hampshire primary can be no coincidence."

Rep. Dave McCurdy, D-Okla., preparing to campaign for Clinton in New Hampshire, flew back to Washington to demand an FBI investigation of the leak. He wrote FBI director William Sessions that the leak raised concerns "that this incident reflects a decision in the administration that any actions undertaken to damage the Clinton campaign are permissible."

Clinton released the letter after he said Pentagon officials violated privacy laws by leaking a copy to ABC News.