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"Life changes, tragedy happens'

A man who won a U.S. Supreme Court contest to get an abortion for his comatose wife so she could recover from a car accident now plans to divorce her.

"Life changes, tragedy happens," Martin Klein said Tuesday.

Nancy Klein, 36, a former textile designer, was pregnant when a car accident in December 1988 left her in a coma with little hope that she would survive. Klein sought an abortion based on doctors' advice that it could aid her recovery.

Two anti-abortion activists sought to be named guardians of the 17-week-old fetus, charging that Klein did not have the best interest of his wife and the fetus at heart.

They challenged him in court, losing each time but appealing all the way to the Supreme Court. The high court refused to hear the case.

Mrs. Klein, who suffered severe head injuries, eventually emerged from a coma and now lives with her parents in Delray Beach. She uses a wheelchair, speaks very slowly and has little use of her right hand.