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Veterinarian doesn't deserve damaged reputation


I represent Dr. Harry Vildibill, owner of Brandon Veterinary Hospital.

Your article concerning Dr. Vildibill, published in the Brandon Times on Jan. 7, 1992, needlessly damages the reputation of a longtime and respected citizen and civic leader in Brandon. Your article implies that Dr. Vildibill illegally disposed of six drums of biohazardous waste. It is true that Dr. Vildibill disposed of six barrels of waste at the South County Transfer Station, but out of that, less then 25 pieces of waste consisting of needles, scissors, gauze, a scalpel and few rubber gloves were included. The remainder was ordinary household and commercial waste.

The intermingling of a small amount of medical waste with Dr. Vildibill's otherwise acceptable solid waste was inadvertent and there was never any intent on his part to try to improperly dispose of the biohazardous waste. Dr. Vildibill has been an upstanding and productive citizen of Brandon for many years, heavily involved in civic and charitable endeavors that have greatly benefited the community. To imply as you have in your article that he has acted in a manner detrimental to the community is unfair and misleading.

William W. Deane,

St. Petersburg