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Mom takes the rap

Anita Perkins has been trying to teach her 13-year-old son Tommy to be responsible for his actions. Tuesday was her chance to teach by example.

Tommy had been assigned detention because he had been late four times to class. But Mrs. Perkins said Tommy was late only because she had overslept.

So Mrs. Perkins thought it was only fair that she should spend 2:30 to 3:30 Tuesday afternoon in detention at Woodland Middle School.

"I'm responsible. I should take the punishment," Mrs. Perkins said when the hour was up. She couldn't talk during detention.

Mrs. Perkins said she called Woodland after Tommy brought a note home informing his parents that he would have to stay after school because of tardiness. The school insists students serve their own detention for their offenses, but Mrs. Perkins was adamant that she was to blame.

"I said it isn't his fault," Mrs. Perkins recalled. "I drive him to school. I overslept."

So along with seven students, Mrs. Perkins arrived at Room 108 and served her time.

Tommy said he respected his mother for sticking to her beliefs, and also was glad it was her, not him, in detention.

Mrs. Perkins said she learned a lesson while reinforcing what she's been stressing to Tommy.

"I better make sure I don't oversleep," she said. "I don't want any more detentions."