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Well-traveled moccasins

Question: I have the album Wavoka by the Indian band known as Redbone. How many albums did the band have? Are any of the records worth anything? _ Gina Smith, Tacoma, Wash.

Dear Gina: Brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas are the backbone of Redbone. They are a moderately successful duo that got their start in the early '60s. In 1963 Pat and Lolly, recording as the Avantis, were making surf music _ Wax 'Em Down (Chancellor 1144) being their best-known waxing.

Besides the Avantis tracks, they also made Big Surf (Sapien 1003) in '63 as the Sharks _ a name that strikes terror into the heart of every surfer.

The following year they hung up their surf guitars and released The Robot Walk (Apogee 101), a robotic teen dance that didn't exactly overshadow the swim in '64.

Pat and Lolly, aided by a bevy of sidemen, formed Redbone in 1968 in Los Angeles. Their one biggie, the Top 5 hit Come and Get Your Love, charted in early '74.

They released eight albums from 1970 through 1982. None of these LPs sell for more than $5 to $12, though the singles from 1963 and '64 can bring from $10 to $20.

One last note: Though some may suspect a connection, Leon Redbone, the eccentric vocalist currently seen and heard in Chevy Geo TV commercials, has nothing to do with the Redbone band.

Question: A friend and I reached a stalemate in a recent discussion about how many sons and daughters of established artists seem to get a foot in the door and make records, especially in the country music field.

The daughters of George Morgan, Mel Tillis, Dottie West and Conway Twitty have all recorded and so have the sons of Marty Robbins and, of course, Hank Williams.

The disagreement came when we thought of Troy Seals. I say he is the son of Dan Seals, but my friend says he is not related to Dan. Who's right? _ Orin Sellars, Lorain, Ohio

Dear Orin: And the winner is . . . neither of you. Troy Seals is a cousin to Dan Seals.

The Seals family tree is a fascinating one, if only from an entertainment industry standpoint. Besides having Dan as a cousin, Troy is also the cousin of singer Johnny Duncan.

Dan Seals, who in the '70s was England Dan of the duo England Dan and John Ford Coley, is also a brother to Jim Seals.

Jim, meanwhile, made up half of the popular '70s twosome, Seals and Crofts.

As for Troy, he charted a few minor hits in the late '70s as a singer, but is known best as the writer of Feelings, When We Make Love and Lost in the Fifties.

Question: I read and appreciated your comments sometime back on a source for IBM system software for record collectors. My needs extend far beyond music, including but not limited to: sports cards, special edition prints and lithographs and old magazines.

Might there be a software package that will enable me to tidy, categorize and keep track of this? _ Keith Livgren, Easton, Pa.

Dear Keith: For the collector of everything under the sun, I recommend Organize Your Collection _ Version 5, which is now available from HomeCraft Software, P.O. Box 974, Tualatin, Ore. 97062.

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