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Woman wants custody of baby she abandoned

A woman now wants to raise the newborn she abandoned in a ditch, where he was found by deer hunters.

"She feels terrible," said an attorney for Michelle Carmody. "She very much wants to see and know and raise her baby."

Lawyer Mark Gabel spoke for Mrs. Carmody, 24, at a circuit court hearing asking a judge to award temporary custody of the boy to his grandmother. Eventually, lawyers will ask the court's permission for Michelle Carmody to raise her son, they said.

Judge Charles Prather on Wednesday postponed a ruling but granted permission for the husband, William Carmody, and William's mother, Evelyn Carmody, to visit the boy under the supervision of social workers.

The grandmother, Evelyn Carmody, wants permission for the baby to live at her Oviedo trailer home pending a final ruling on whether Michelle Carmody may have custody.

Michelle Carmody would not be allowed to visit and care for her son during the time he is with the grandmother.

Gabel said "there are facts and circumstances here that explain what happened" at the time the boy was left in an Orange County ditch, wrapped in three bloodstained towels and with his umbilical cord still attached.

Michelle Carmody was found and arrested on Dec. 20, 17 days later, through an airline ticket stub she had left with the baby, authorities said.

The boy was suffering from hypothermia and spent two weeks in a hospital before being transferred to a foster home supervised by the state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services.