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Another con artist tries to bilk elderly

Hillsborough County residents are being warned to beware of con artists posing as police officers who tried to bilk five elderly people out of their savings, Tampa police said.

In the latest incident Friday, a well-dressed woman posing as a police officer approached a 71-year-old woman at her home before noon, Tampa police said. The suspect waved a gold badge encased in a black holder, identified herself as an officer and told the woman she was investigating bank fraud at Barnett Bank, said Detective Steve Jarrett.

The suspect had obtained the woman's driver's license number and read it back to her, hoping to convince her that she was dealing with the police.

The suspect then asked the woman to withdraw money from an account. The woman, whose name is being withheld, accompanied the con artist to the Barnett Bank at 1933 E Hillsborough Ave., where she tried to withdraw $9,000. But a teller knew about the scheme, became suspicious and notified police.

The con artist, who was waiting outside the bank during the transaction, disappeared in a large dark blue or black car, police said.