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Aren't his 15 minutes over?

Donald Trump thinks Mike Tyson has suffered enough.

Haven't we?

Trump, a former adviser to heavyweight boxer Tyson, says that everybody would be better served if instead of going to prison Tyson were allowed to fight so that his earnings could be used to set up trust funds for the 18-year-old woman he raped and other rape victims. "What has happened to him, the conviction, is already punitive," Trump was quoted as saying. "The victim has had the satisfaction of humbling him and being vindicated."

Vindicated? For being raped? For having to carry the mental scars of the trauma the rest of her life, even after the physical scars healed?

That Trump deems himself social mediator is offensive in itself. That he believes a rapist should have to pay for his crime with only money is ludicrous. Perhaps he's following a separate set of statutes for boxers who pal around with other filthy-rich people.

The notion of a trust fund for rape victims is a valuable one, but not in place of jail time. If Trump were truly serious about helping victims of rape and other abuse, he'd set up his own trust fund. If he thinks prison is not the answer for some crimes, he might show more enlightenment by working to parole the hundreds of battered women imprisoned for killing their abusive mates.

Pop artist Andy Warhol once observed that in the media age everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. High-roller Trump seems to be determined to parley his quarter-hour into an eternity.