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Canadiens slap Corson with indefinite suspension

Left-winger Shayne Corson has been suspended indefinitely by the Montreal Canadiens after being involved in a brawl at a downtown bar on Thursday morning.

And should Corson, involved in a similar incident last year, have a repeat offence, he'll be traded or released by the organization.

"If it happens again, he's gone," Canadiens managing director Serge Savard said Friday. "That's why he's suspended, because it's not the first time (and) so it won't happen again."

"He's the Charles Barkley of hockey," coach Pat Burns fumed, referring to the NBA star who has also had trouble with altercations. "Bars are supposed to be places you go to have fun and he takes them for boxing rings."

According to the manager of the Zoo Bar, Corson was drinking shooters (shot glasses of hard liquor). He became incensed with a customer who began talking with a woman Corson met at the bar.

Corson, the manager said, began throwing shot glasses at the customer, and a fight erupted between the two. As the manager and the doorman attempted to separate the two, the customer was punched in the lip by Corson.

Police were called to the scene, but there were no arrests and no charges were filed.