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Jury deliberates in Dahmer trial

Jeffrey Dahmer was an insane "steam-rolling killing machine" who had sex with the corpses and ate victims' flesh, his attorney told jurors Friday before they began deliberating his sanity.

"He couldn't stop killing because of a sickness he discovered, not chose," defense attorney Gerald Boyle told jurors. "He had to do what he did because he couldn't stop it. This isn't a matter of choice."

But prosecutor E. Michael McCann portrayed Dahmer as a sane, cowardly killer who sacrificed others for his sexual pleasure, drugged young males to make it easier to kill them and now merely "seeks to escape responsibility."

"Please, please don't let this murderous killer fool you with this special defense," McCann told jurors.

Jurors, who heard 28 witnesses testify in 12 days, got the case late in the afternoon. Later they went back to their hotel and continued deliberations there. A court official said that if they reached a verdict Friday night it wouldn't be announced until today.

The jury must decide Dahmer's sanity when he killed and dismembered 15 young males he lured to his home.

To be found insane, Boyle must prove Dahmer suffered a mental disease, making him either unable to know right from wrong or unable to stop killing.

If found sane, Dahmer would be sent to prison for life. An insanity verdict means he would go to a mental institution and eventually could petition for release.

If found sane on some counts, Dahmer likely would be sent to a mental institution; if he were ever eligible for release there, he would then be sent to prison.