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Open your eyes to Safety Harbor's achievements

Editor: Stop bashing the city of Safety Harbor.

For the past 18 years I have spent part of almost evey day on Main Street. I see all the improvements being made and the ones that have been made _ the Marshall Street Park, the basketball courts on Ninth Avenue N, the beautiful recreation facility on the south side, the pier and marina, the excellent county park, the gazebo on Main Street with band concerts and Christmas tree lighting, the parades and art shows, just to name a few.

How about the $500,000 homes in Huntington Trails? Mr. Kuma is spending millions of dollars refurbishing the spa. Ask Bill Jacobsen at his mobile home plant what his payroll is. Drive in the industrial park area and see all the small industries working.

Visit the VFW Post and see the beautiful war memorial. Stop by the American Legion Post and see its impressive meeting hall. See all the new equipment the city has purchased. See city employees in uniform. See the new fire house under construction. See Tom Ronald and his dedicated people at the gym or the senior citizen complex.

I get darn mad when new young reporters come to town trying to make a name for themselves bashing the city every time the mayor blinks his left eye. It's about time I read some positive articles in the Times.

George Solms III, Clearwater

Bigotry is a two-way street

Editor: Re: "Reader enjoys life in the real world" (Jan. 25 letter).

I wonder if the brilliant "logic-based" Mr. Brent Yaciw of Seminole realizes that bigotry is a two-way street. His holier-than-thou letter (sarcasm intended!) showed him for the bigot that he is.

My chosen form of "insanity" (religion) has not made me hide from reality but does help me cope with it.

Please spare me any more of his egotistical drivel!

Mary Ann Besel, St. Petersburg

Road conditions remain deplorable

Editor: It seems every time the consumer turns around, Pinellas County commissioners as well as individual town council members are requesting an increase in our taxes for so-called road improvements. But in most residential locations throughout the county, the roads remain in deplorable condition, as is the road I happen to live on _ 109th Street N in Largo.

Larry Wessel, Largo

No fan of this talk show host

Editor: I must agree with Jonathan Wade's letter of Jan. 19 on his assesment of Rush Limbaugh, the extreme right-wing host of an afternoon talk show.

When Limbaugh brags that he conducts his show with one-half of his brain tied behind his back, he proves it every time he opens his mouth. The other half of his brain, which he claims he uses, shows he is incapable of having an original thought or holding a sound discussion.

The only subjects he seems to enjoy throwing at his listeners, which seem to comprise the bulk of his talk, are his utter disdain and dislike for women by bestowing upon them the label of "femi-Nazis" and his constant reference to how great he is.

I don't know of one current talk show host who blows his own horn as often and as loud as this ballyhooer.

Ms. L. Brotsky, Clearwater

Community Relations Office is vital

Editor: If dedication and commitment are acceptable as criteria, then the Clearwater Community Relations Office is a proven value.

If any of us were being denied housing, a job or any other position based on sex, age or race, I'm sure we would rather have the situation resolved as soon as possible. Waiting two or three years for resolution is an unacceptable length of time, and the Community Relations Office can improve on this performance by cutting the time in half or less. Only a local agency can provide this service in a timely manner.

Local problems always carry more import for local agencies. If the staff is derived from the community, their constituents are not de-personalized numbers in some distant area; they are real people in their town, in need of assistance, as soon as possible.

Let's keep the Clearwater Community Relations Office where it belongs _ in the Clearwater community.

Paul J. Toner, Clearwater

Clearwater emergency units praised

Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Clearwater paramedics and firefighters.

I was involved in an auto accident, fortunately not seriously hurt, but the paramedics and firefighters were right there.

Clearwater is so fortunate to have such a fine group of people with their expertise, kindness and consideration.

I would like all citizens to know that they can feel safe in the hands of the Clearwater emergency groups.

Suzanne B. Gruver, Clearwater

These lights snarl traffic

Editor: Whoever rescheduled the east and west traffic lights in mid-county probably eight to 10 weeks ago sure loused up the traffic.

If you are heading east or west coming to a north-south street, you may just as well turn off your motor. You are going to be stopped for a long time. The interminably long interval before you get a green light east or west doesn't make sense.

Mark E. Malchow, Clearwater

Sign code will improve our roadways

Editor: I was born and raised in Pinellas County and for the past 18 years have been a resident of Safety Harbor. I've watched with dismay the proliferation of signs along our crowded highways, especially in the last four or five years.

The Pinellas County Commission will be considering a new sign code Tuesday. That proposal is a good beginning to improve our roadways.

I love Pinellas and I would like to urge the commissioners to take this first step and beautify our roadways so that a native can enjoy our county by seeing more of it beyond those signs.

Charles E. Belcher, Safety Harbor

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