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White hot property

90210. It's the hottest ZIP code in America. And it's a number that conjures even larger figures for promoters elbowing their way into a very lucrative world of licensed products in the land of Beverly Hills 90210. If you believe that children ages 8 to 12 have $3.5-billion in discretionary income _ says New York magazine _ what IS it that the kiddies are buying? Luke Perry and Jason Priestley (who is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight with Teenage Fan Club at 11:30 on WFLA-Ch. 8) posters are hot, and there are plenty of caps, boxer shorts, watches and sleepwear out there. But wait. There's more. Mattel is making 90210 dolls; Milton Bradley has giant puzzles that later can be hung as posters; HarperCollins is at work on the fourth and fifth paperback novels based on the Fox show; Coca-Cola and a fast food company want the kids, as does a hair-care company; there are 90210 trading cards and for back to school later this year, expect new 90210 fragrances and cosmetics. And we're ALREADY sick of them.

Move over, macho men

Neurotic men, you've got company when you turn on the tube. There's producer Miles Silverberg on Murphy Brown, the angst-ridden Jewish doctor Joel Fleishmann on Northern Exposure, the seriously stressed-out George on Seinfeld and the anxiety-bound Marty Gold on Anything But Love. TV Guide wonders about all this manic masculinity and thinks it knows who started it. Women. "With women in charge, women consumers get more of what they want: guys who get verbal over something other than a great steak, a great thigh or any mention of the double-play combination on the '69 Cubs."

Shameless book pilfering

The Top Ten Mr. Wizard Experiments, from An Altogether New Book of Top Ten Lists from "Late Night With David Letterman" (Pocket Books):

10. Let's flush a canned ham down the toilet.

9. Will your head fit here?

8. What happens when you lick a wasp's nest?

7. Getting free HBO.

6. How many beers before you make a pass at Bea Arthur?

5. How much Crisco can you eat?

4. Substituting Folgers crystals for freshly brewed coffee.

3. Dressing like Mrs. Wizard.

2. Big pockets for super shoplifting.

1. Those two flight attendants in Dallas.

That house was burned

The Talking Heads _ together? No, just a compilation of greatest hits that will be out this year, reports the premiere of Pulse! music magazine. Ex-top Head David Byrne, whose latest solo album is called Uh-Oh, doesn't leave much possibility for a real reunion. "We're still in contact with one another . . . but we don't have plans to do anything any time in the future."