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Civic association officers are hiding something

Editor: I have come to the conclusion why Sal Fico, Mo Lubee and Marie Harrison, officers of the Spring Hill Civic Association, have gone to such lengths to prevent me from addressing a meeting after a proper request as an agenda item in writing three months ago. Quote: I am requesting that I be placed on the business agenda of the Spring Hill Civil Association's meeting Jan. 2, 1992, to discuss the "Oversight Committee." I would require about 30 minutes for discussion. Signed, Sincerely Mike Corb.

To inform members I requested 30 minutes to speak is a lie.

To request members to allow me to speak is reprehensible.

To pay for two Sheriff's officers for fear of a confrontation from a 79-year-old member and ex-officer of the SHCA who, for many years, has worked diligently for the betterment of Spring Hill and county residents is disgraceful.

I can only come to this conclusion: Those named above have something to hide and I must now assume, even anticipate, their next move (would be) even excommunication from membership.

I will not be intimidated. I have a right to express my opinion as a member, whether it be for or against what is being pushed down our throats with no right to dissent. So perhaps at the next meeting, to save the cost of Sheriff's officers, a couple of cohorts with big sticks and perhaps even matching colored shirts will try to prevent me giving my opinion.

Mike Corb, Spring Hill

Ins and outs of a post office

Editor: Just a note to show some government employees have a sense of humor.

Visiting the new post office in Spring Hill, I advised the man behind the counter that they were going "in" on doors marked "out" and "out" of doors marked "in."

He said, "Well, yeah, they just put them up on the swinging doors last weekend and we haven't received our instruction books from the Post Office on how to use them yet."

Sometimes a little humor is good when dealing with the public and maybe all of us should take an easy strain on life, to quote an old Navy term.

Art Croci, Spring Hill

We defended Japanese interests

Editor: This letter is in response to those Japanese who call us Americans stupid and lazy.

Tell this to the families of the dead soldiers of Desert Storm. I didn't see any Japanese dying in that war. Part of that conflict was to protect Japan's 70 percent oil from that part of the world, wasn't it?

Are we stupid and lazy when we have to defend the Japanese because they don't defend themselves?

Let's wake up behind this, America, and start buying made-in-the-U.S.A. We have ourselves to blame for the way our economy is today.

This is being written by a very angry American.

Fred Marra, Spring Hill

Flat rate for fire, rescue services unfair

Editor: Here we go again _ Reaganomics and Bushbashing the middle class are becoming more and more the format for the Spring Hill Civic Association.

The civic association and Mr. Lubee would like the residents of Spring Hill to consider (with a referendum) a flat rate of $94 per year per household for the Fire and Rescue departments service tax. Do the civic association and Mr. Lubee realize how unfair and difficult that may be for homeowners not as affluent as members of the board of the association?

Leave well enough alone. It's worked fairly for 17 years. Those homeowners with higher assessed values on their homes should pay more.

E. Newman, Spring Hill

Flat rate further enriches the rich

Editor: The Spring Hill Civic Association proposal to change the Spring Hill Fire and Rescue District from a property assessment to a flat rate of $94 has to be an abortive scheme and should not even be considered to be put on the ballot.

Residential properties assessed "up to" $59,182, less the homestead exemption, will have to pay more than before. Properties assessed in an amount over $59,182, less exemption, will be paying less.

The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

Charles Rosboril, Spring Hill

Flat rate plan is selfish

Editor: We are shocked and saddened by the Spring Hill Civic Association's plan to change the Fire District's tax assessment method. The plan's blatant selfishness makes us so ashamed to belong to the association that we hereby publicly withdraw our membership.

To advocate cutting the taxes of the wealthy (an owner of a $275,000 home would get a $593 reduction at the expense of the elderly poor and others with low and middle incomes; an owner of a $30,000 home would pay $80 more) smacks of the kind of mean spiritedness that is bankrupting our country morally and financially.

Our day-by-day experience tells us that this attitude is not typical of the Spring Hill community. Rather, we find it to be a generous and caring group of people who thank God for blessings received and who share them with the less fortunate.

Society is us. Let's take seriously our responsibility to make it a better society every day in every way. Let those of us who believe this speak up so we can be heard above the nay-sayers and make Spring Hill known for its true community spirit.

Dick and Bea Braun, Spring Hill

Clemons' actions are dictatorial

Editor: Decorum vs. Democracy! Chairman of the School Board Paul Clemons, without any discussion or input from his own board, has chosen to sacrifice the latter for the former. This is what I have come to expect from someone who would purchase his doctorate from a storefront college and use his church to mail out his campaign literature.

Mr. Clemons must be very pleased with what he thinks is a solution to the problem of unruly School Board meetings. His solution suppresses freedom of expression and widens the chasm between the taxpayers and their representatives. It smacks of dictatorship.

Mr. Clemons did not learn a lesson from the similar situation at the County Commission meetings where the "peanut gallery" was also deemed unruly by the commissioners. By proper use of his gavel and tighter control, the School Board chairman could have attained the same success as the County Commission chairman.

But it was easier for Mr. Clemons to simply crush the citizenry as any despot might do than to strive for a solution which might benefit everyone. What a terrible example for our students to follow.

Democracy should never be sacrificed. I suggest that if Mr. Clemons is unwilling or unable to chair meetings that allow for respect on both sides of the gavel, he should hand it over to someone who can.

Alan D. Berger, Spring Hill