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To see a "traitor,' look in the mirror

Editor: Re: George Drobina's Feb. 13 response to Barbara L. Fredricksen's opinion Column of Feb. 9.

You say Barbara Fredricksen "sticks a knife in our backs" by not buying American-made cars and "should be shot as a traitor." You then state you will deliver your letter "in person so that it doesn't get lost in the mail."

As soon as I and my fellow American postal employees remove your blade from our collective back, I will inform you that we deliver 550-million pieces of mail six days a week to more than 117-million addresses nationwide. Thank you for your support.

I suggest you add yourself to your list of traitors and get your blindfold ready.

Mindi Marker

New Port Richey

What "Buy American'

means with autos

Editor: Mr. Drobina states that Ms. Fredricksen is a traitor and should be shot simply for owning a foreign-made auto. Really, Mr. Drobina, the war ended 50 years ago.

Is Mr. Drobina aware of the fact that some Ford products are being assembled in Canada, thereby putting Canadians to work (same with the new Chrysler auto now in production), while some Honda, Toyota and Nissan products are assembled in the U.S., providing jobs for Americans?

I, like Ms. Fredricksen, have owned a Ford-made product since 1960. In that time, I've purchased six new autos. Only the 1960 Ford Fairlane and the 1984 Crown Victoria were trouble-free.

In February 1991, I purchased a Nissan Maxima assembled in Smyrna, Tenn., and am well-pleased with its trouble-free performance.

Come on, Mr. Drobina, get real.

Joe Bossotti

New Port Richey

Column on U.S. cars

was disturbing, unfair

Editor: The recent column by your editor of editorials, Barbara Fredricksen, was at the very least disturbing to me and I'm quite sure to numerous others.

The ability of the American auto industry to build good, dependable, competitively priced cars is well-known and proved, Ms. B.L.F.'s opinions notwithstanding, as we were building good products while the Japanese were still making paper hand fans. My prediction is that we'll still be building them long after Ms. B.L.F. is gone.

The problems she describes her Dad having with his car sound at best to be suspect. I've owned or leased 42 American automobiles, and I haven't had that many problems in total _ with all of them _ that she describes.

It would appear that such a devoted foreign-car buyer as Ms. B.L.F. has not and will not give a good American brand a chance because it would not serve her purpose of "being different" and will go out and buy some foreign job to replace her "blue buggy" and that'll show her Dad who's boss now!

I'm seriously considering stopping my subscription to the Times because of B.L.F., as I do have a choice of papers and I plan to exercise it if this "young lady" continues her "writing."

Ernest V. Smutek

New Port Richey