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Radio billboards try to say "controversy' _ and do so

Published Oct. 10, 2005

The bad boys at WYNF-94.9 FM have commissioned another of their subtle billboard campaigns.

"We were trying to communicate the essence of the station, its music and the feeling it evokes in a visual manner," explained Gary Geyer, creative director at Paradigm Communications, the Tampa ad agency that cooked up the campaign, which will run through June.

What is the essence of the station that these billboards attempt to convey?

"It's the whole point of kick a-- rock 'n' roll. Controversy. Overbearing. Pushing everything to the edge," said Loren Rhodes, Paradigm's account supervisor. "These billboards say, "Whoa! What was that!' Talk about stopping power."

Indeed, many people who saw the first few to appear roadside last week were moved to call the station and inquire if the fellow in the "dead or alive" picture was being electrocuted or shot. In fact, the photo came from a 1948 naval research project in which a man was subjected to 300 mph wind testing.