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U.S. Haitians call for invasion

Many Haitian-Americans, frustrated by the failure of diplomatic efforts to reinstate ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, are calling for an armed invasion to knock out Haiti's repressive military. But in the same breath, members of the 300,000-strong Haitian immigrant community in New York adamantly oppose sending U.S. troops because of memories of a humiliating American occupation early this century. Philippe Wilson Desir, 52, Haiti's consul general in New York, thinks a force of Haitian exiles sponsored by friendly nations might be a solution. "Thousands and thousands of Haitians are ready to do it," said Desir, a former Haitian navy lieutenant who fled after taking part in a failed 1970 coup attempt against the Duvalier family dictatorship.

Krajina president Babic fired

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia _ The last key opponent of a U.N. plan to deploy thousands of peacekeepers to war-torn Croatia was ousted from power Sunday, news reports said. The Yugoslav news agency Tanjug said legislators in the ethnic Serb enclave of Krajina in western Croatia fired Krajina president Milan Babic in a special session. The assembly also dissolved the Krajina government, Tanjug said. Babic could not be reached for comment. But Lazar Macura, the region's self-styled information minister, said in a telephone interview the action was illegal. "All this is a game manipulated from Belgrade (the Serbian republic's capital), which never wanted creation of Krajina in the first place," said Macura, a close Babic associate. The removal of Babic from office would clear the last obstacle to the U.N. plan, which aims to enforce a truce in a civil war in which more than 8,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands uprooted from their homes.

Selassie's remains found

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia _ The remains of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, who died mysteriously after the Marxist revolution that toppled him 18 years ago, were found Sunday in a secret grave, government officials said. State radio said the emperor's remains were buried in a deep hole under the office of ousted dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam in Addis Ababa's former imperial Grand Palace. A three-day search succeeded after a former commander of the palace security guard came forward and said he had witnessed Haile Selassie's burial and knew the exact location, officials said. The emperor's remains will be exhumed today in the presence of his family and an Ethiopian Orthodox Church reburial is due to take place on the 100th anniversary of his birth July 23, the officials added.


KINSHASA, Zaire _ Zairean troops opened fire Sunday on anti-government demonstrators led by radical Catholic priests, killing 13 people, witnesses and a government official said. Witnesses said the incident took place when thousands of Christians began a peaceful street protest against President Mobutu Sese Seko's government after church services in the capital Kinshasa.

MEXICO CITY _ A teen-age driver who says he lost control of his bakery truck plowed into an open-air market, killing seven people and injuring more than 40 in northern Mexico, police said Sunday.

REYKJAVIK, Iceland _ An American Airlines Boeing 767 jetliner made an emergency landing in Iceland on Sunday after losing power in its right engine, airport authorities said. American Flight 55 was on its way from Manchester, England, to Chicago with 175 people on board when it was diverted to Iceland's Keflavik Airport. No one was injured.

KHARTOUM, Sudan _ A Sudanese doctor and his six assistants were killed Wednesday when their car was blown up by a land mine on a road in southern Sudan, the official news agency SUNA reported Sunday.