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CBS, hockey a match

If CBS is trying to present a case for the return of hockey to network television, it couldn't have put together a better argument than its coverage of the sport in the Olympics.

In addition to the excellence of announcers Mike Emrick and John Davidson, the production has been superb. Sunday, the cameras caught a slow-motion replay of a shot by Canada's Eric Lindros that ricocheted off the goal post and then the crossbar while staying out of the net. Then Monday, the same type of replay showed Mats Naslund nailing Greg Brown into the boards. Brown's fall to the ice, face first, was even more chilling.

Best bet: Italian Alberto Tomba could steal the show for CBS (7-9 a.m.) in the giant slalom, but hockey is the ticket here. TNT (1-6 p.m.) should be able to show almost all of the United States' quarterfinal showdown with France.

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