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How to cast Children's Services Council vote

Published Oct. 10, 2005

VOTE YES: Help the children now, before it's too late.

Editor: I wish we senior citizens could get as excited and emotional over children as some of us do over bingo.

There was a tremendous outcry last year when the Legislature slapped a restrictive license tax on bingo games.

So great was the uproar, the Legislature rescinded the measure and came up with a more tolerable law.

Today, we oldsters _ I'm 77 _ have an opportunity to get emotional over a much more critical and in-depth issue. It's about Pasco children.

More than 2,000 children were reported abused or neglected in Pasco in 1990-91. Many more such cases went unreported.

Without being bleeding hearts, we can see what child neglect can lead to murder, rape, and robbery.

There are many good kids out there. They need help now but can't get it because of waiting lists and lack of facilities. Most of these needy youngsters won't end up as crime statistics. But they will become far more productive citizens with a little help through a Children's Services Council.

Several of my friends play bingo two or three times a week. It costs them $10 or $15. You can still play bingo and vote for a Children's Service Council March 10. This preventive measure will cost you $10 or $15 a year, at the most.

If we don't pay a little now, we'll pay a lot more later.

Bud Wylie

New Port Richey

VOTE NO: Don't give elected officials more of our money to waste.

Editor: I encourage all registered Pasco County voters to say no to higher property taxes by voting "no" for the Children's Services Council. The citizens of Pasco County already defeated this tax only 15 months ago and now the tax-and-spend liberals tell us that we don't understand the issue.

Well, understand this: We, the citizens of Pasco County, are tired of our taxes being constantly raised and wasted. Regardless of whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, send a message to our elected officials to get their priorities in order and that is to stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars.

Contrary to what the "bleeding-heart liberals" would have you believe, saying no to higher property taxes does not make you insensitive to our children. The fact is, some of our elected officials have given away our tax dollars _ for instance, hiring consultants to hire consultants and purchasing bank buildings for inflated prices.

It is imperative that every registered voter in Pasco County understand how important it is to vote "no" to more taxes on March 10. By defeating this referendum, it will send a resounding message to our elected officials of what is to come in the September primaries and November general election.

Brian G. Corley

Executive Vice President,

West Pasco Republican Club