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Illicit kiss gets them 24 hours in jail

Published Oct. 10, 2005

Although in court, Nabil Mohammed could not restrain himself and kissed his fiancee. The illicit smooch cost him 24 hours in jail.

Mohammed's fiancee protested and asked that either Mohammed be freed or that she, too, be jailed. Safwat el-Husseini, the criminal court judge in the Mediterranean city of Dumyat, chose jail and she also received 24 hours.

Mohammed, a 27-year-old plumber, had come to the court with his teen-age fiancee to attend the trial of a brother charged with dealing in narcotics, according to the Cairo newspaper Al Gomhuria.

The brother was acquitted and freed.

Mohammed and his fiancee, whose name was not given, went to two different jails.