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Jail official's home burglarized

Published Oct. 10, 2005

The home of Citrus County Jail Administrator Roberta Moffatt was burglarized sometime last week, with thieves taking $2,000 worth of jewelry, sheriff's spokeswoman Gail Tierney said. Moffatt and her husband were out of town between Feb. 8 and 15. The investigating officer reported that someone broke a window, crawled into a small room in the rear of the house, and then pried open french doors to gain access to the rest of the home, Tierney said. Sheriff's officials withheld the address because of Moffatt's position in the department. Authorities had made no arrests as of late Monday.

Motor home work injures man

PINE RIDGE _ A 67-year-old man was injured Monday afternoon when the motor home he was repairing partly landed on top of him. Bob Korn had set the vehicle's front end on cinder blocks in the driveway of his home on N Red Ribbon Point and was repairing a gasket when the blocks crumbled, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Capt. Mike Taylor said. A part of the vehicle's suspension pinned Korn's left leg; a wheel covered his chest and belly, Taylor said. Korn yelled for his wife, Mary, who said she moved a jack into place and lifted the vehicle somewhat. Mrs. Korn called for emergency help. EMS workers found a bigger jack in the Korns' shed, Taylor said. Doctors at Citrus Memorial Hospital treated Korn and released him later Monday.