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Seven people killed as plane crashes into Calif. mountains

A chartered twin-engine plane carrying Mexican skiers crashed in the San Bernardino Mountains, killing all five adults and two children aboard, authorities said Monday. The wreckage and bodies were found by searchers Monday, said San Bernardino County sheriff's Sgt. Steve Morgan. Civil Air Patrol pilots saw the tail section of the plane sticking out of snow at the 7,000 foot level, near Angelus Oaks, about 10 miles from the plane's destination, Big Bear Airport, Morgan said. The identities and ages of the victims weren't immediately available, and the cause of the crash was unknown.

Aristide: End hunger strike

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. _ Deposed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide on Monday urged choreographer and dancer Katherine Dunham to end her fast protesting the forced return of refugees to Haiti. Dunham, 82, was listed in serious but stable condition Monday at St. Mary's Hospital in East St. Louis. She's been fasting since Feb. 1. Aristide, who is living in exile in Venezuela, called her at the hospital. Dunham earned a National Medal of Arts from President Bush in 1990 for her explorations of Caribbean and African dance. She founded the first U.S. black dance company and opened her first dance school in Chicago in 1931. She says she will continue fasting until Bush stops repatriating thousands of Haitians.

Couple electrocuted in home

ROYALTON, N.Y. _ A couple were electrocuted in their home after a fallen power line electrically charged the house, authorities said. Michael Snell, 34, and his wife, Suzanne, 33, died Sunday morning, apparently while checking sparks in the basement of their home in Royalton, northeast of Buffalo, investigators said. Firefighters said the Snells could have been electrocuted by almost anything they touched in the basement. A neighbor, Douglas Vogt, said the Snells' son, Nathaniel, 7, took his sister, Danielle, 5, outside and honked the horn of the car until neighbors came. Investigators said a high-voltage power line apparently fell on a service line leading to the house, electrically charging the building.

Teen-agers jump to deaths

SELMA, Ala. _ Two teen-age boys bound their wrists together and leapt more than 300 feet to their deaths, leaving behind notes that said they were curious about death and looking for a new life, authorities said Monday. Sheriff Cotton Nichols said a relative found them Sunday at the foot of a grain elevator just outside the Selma city limits. Investigators found a backpack that contained two notes and a poem they had written together.

Police: Girl dies for eating candy

NEW YORK _ A 6-year-old girl died and her 4-year-old sister was critically injured by punishment their aunt inflicted on them for eating some of the woman's Valentine's Day candy, police said Monday. The aunt, Maryann Ayala, 36, was ordered held without bail on charges of second-degree murder in the death of Millisen Ayala and attempted murder in the injury of her younger sister, Stephanie. Lt. John Brown, commander of the 52nd Precinct detective squad, said the girls apparently ate some Valentine's chocolates, which had been given to Mrs. Ayala. Mrs. Ayala is accused of hitting the girls with a shoe, grabbing them by their necks and forcing them to sit in ice-cold bath water for 30 minutes, he said. Stephanie was listed in critical but stable condition in a hospital. The aunt was made the girls' foster mother three years ago because their mother was a crack addict, police said.