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Al Dettmer

Published Oct. 10, 2005

Al Dettmer

Events are happening with which I and many citizens do not agree. They are projects and improvements proposed recently to the commission. City government is ignoring our citizens' needs, while overlooking their real problems. There is too much concentration on large building projects, the timing for which is questionable.

Some need changing, some stopped, at least until we get some real long-range planning for the city.

As commissioner and mayor for nine years, I successfully helped move Safety Harbor in the right direction. The city grew from 4,000 to 15,000 people. This growth was successful because commission, city staff and employees pulled together to solve the city's problems. Today our city is a most favored place to live in the county.

Residents tell me these are their concerns, which I will help resolve if elected:

Fear of rising taxes to pay for planned projects.

Lack of planning for and financing of street maintenance and repair.

No solutions to their flooding and drainage problems.

Large, expensive and non-critical projects have priority over basic essential ones.

Expensive additions to city staff.

Lack of long-range planning.

I will consider it a pleasure and honor to serve you as commissioner.

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