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Teetotaling war veteran won't drink to his long life

A group of World War I veterans agreed that the last one to survive would get to drink a bottle of vintage cognac. Only one man is left _ but it turns out he doesn't drink.

Chester Chastek, 92, of Lacey, said that he would open the 1917 bottle of Hennessy Five-Star cognac waiting for him in a safe deposit box but that other American Legion members would have to drink it.

"I'm a teetotaler," Chastek said Monday. "In 30 years in the Navy, I never touched alcohol. I can't drink any because I am not going to break that record."

Chastek outlived 37 members of the Last Man Club, a group of World War I veterans who also served as commanders of Tacoma's Edward B. Rhodes American Legion post. The group was formed in 1934.