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What candidates said about their showings

Here's a sample of how the candidates viewed Tuesday's results:

George Bush

"I am delighted tonight to have won the New Hampshire primary.

"This election was far closer than many had predicted. I think the opponents on both sides reaped the harvest of discontent with the pace of New Hampshire's economy. I understand the message of dissatisfaction.

"My most immediate task has been to get Congress to enact some very sensible, sound proposals that will help get this nation's economy going forward. The message of tonight is that Americans are concerned about the future. I have the right answers and I will take my case to the voters in the next 8{ months. The goal of my campaign is to win re-election in November.

"Now, on to the South."

Patrick Buchanan

"My heart is very full tonight. Ten weeks ago, this campaign did not even exist.

"What began as a little rebellion will emerge as a full-fledged middle-class American revolution.

"We are going to take our party back and we are going to take our country back.

"There is nothing wrong with putting America first."

Paul Tsongas

"America, here we come.

"My attitude about charisma is, if you don't have it, marry it." (After embracing his wife, Niki.)

Bill Clinton

"New Hampshire tonight has made Bill Clinton the comeback kid.

"I just can't wait now to take this campaign across the country. I cannot wait to win the nomination, and I know, and I want you to know, that I know that in November that we're going to win a great victory against Pat Buchanan."

Bob Kerrey

"This fight's just begun. We may not be quite golden yet, but bronze ain't bad.

"I have never started any fight that I didn't finish, and this campaign will not end until we finish George Bush in November of 1992. Pat Buchanan may have bloodied his nose, but we're going to knock him out."

Tom Harkin

"It's not the end of the journey. This is just the beginning of this journey."

Jerry Brown

"If in spite of the millions of dollars of advertising, people got the message that the system is broken . . . and only the people can take it back.

"I think what happened tonight is going to give us a real boost."

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