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2-year-old dies after falling in pool

Two-year-old Corey Purtee, who nearly drowned in his family's pool Tuesday, died after he was flown by helicopter for treatment at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. He was the second child in a matter of days to die after nearly drowning. John Guirnee, 4, of Port Richey, died over the weekend after he was released from All Children's Hospital. Earlier this month, he almost drowned. The latest victim, the son of John and Cynthia Purtee, was on the patio by the pool Tuesday when his mother went inside to check on her 2{-week-old infant. When she returned, records show, Corey had fallen into the pool. He wasn't breathing when rescue workers arrived at the Purtee's Hudson home, but after he was taken to HCA Bayonet Point/Hudson Medical Center, Corey was breathing, hospital officials said. He died shortly before midnight in the St. Petersburg hospital, officials said Wednesday.

12-year-old pleads

innocent to rape

NEW PORT RICHEY _ The 12-year-old boy who is accused of raping a young girl in a Hudson Middle School stairwell appeared for arraignment Wednesday morning in Circuit Court. Circuit Judge Stanley R. Mills assigned to the boy, who was accompanied by his mother, the services of the public defender's office. The boy, an emotionally handicapped student, is charged with raping an 11-year-old girl in a school stairwell in December, and with fondling a 12-year-old girl in a school hallway Jan. 7. Mills entered denials _ the juvenile court equivalents of innocent pleas _ on the boy's behalf to both charges. A pretrial conference has been set for March 18. The boy is at home, doing lessons that the school sends him.