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Tampa General Hospital

Almerico, Stacy, Lutz, a girl, Danielle Nicole, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Beebe III, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth, Tampa, twin girls, Arial Austin and Autumn Teneice, Saturday, Jan. 18.

Bostaph, Mr. and Mrs. Mark, Tampa, a girl, Ashley Chrisma, Friday, Jan 17.

Brock, Michelle, Tampa, a girl, Tracy Rene, Monday, Jan. 13.

Brown, Gennifer, Tampa, a boy, Dylan Marshall, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Brown, Katie, Tampa, a girl, Marissa Delores, Monday, Jan. 13.

Butler, Christine, Tampa, a girl, Nichole Christine Ann, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Cazares, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo, Ruskin, a boy, Gonzalo Jr., Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Tampa, a boy, Cameron De'Mell, Monday, Jan. 13.

Dickson, Stacy, Tampa, a girl, Courtney Marie, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Dombkowski, Christopher and Angela Marcel, a girl, Jami Rene' Dombrowski, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Dyer, Mr. and Mrs. Denver, Gibsonton, a boy, Thomas Nilo, Thursday, Jan. 16.

Fields, Deborah, Tampa, a boy, Jamario Darnell, Monday, Jan. 13.

Forney, Mr. and Mrs. David, Tampa, a girl, Rebecca Carol, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Garth, Karen, Tampa, a boy, Herbert Ulysses, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Ghant, Mr. and Mrs. Warren III, Tampa, a boy, Warren Larry IV, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny, Tampa, a girl, Casandra Lynn, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Griffin, Cicil and Sherri Torres, Plant City, a girl, Shanley Rose, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Gutierrez, Mr. and Mrs. Bernardino, Plant City, a girl, April Leticia, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Plant City, a boy, Richard Allen, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Hammond, Tanzy, Tampa, a boy, Travaris Donte, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Hammack, Chad and Kristine Kinard, Kelly, Tampa, a girl, Kayla Marie, Wednesday, Jan. 15

Holmes, Tonya, Tampa, a girl, Monique Lashawn, Thursday, Jan. 16.

Hyatt, Melody, Tampa, a girl, Tamerica, Thursday, Jan. 16.

Loyola, Mr. and Mrs. Andy, Tampa, a boy, Yoandy Lazaro, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Marra, Thonotosassa, a boy, Sunday, Jan. 12.

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy, Tampa, a girl, Shannon Renee, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Jackson, Angela, Tampa, a boy, Demetrius Lanard, Saturday, Jan. 11.

James, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie, Tampa, a girl, Changoney Love, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Jenke, Mary, Ruskin, a girl, Lisa Nichole, Monday, Jan. 13.

Kelly, Felicia, Tampa, a boy, Ma'Shay DeAndre, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Knippel, Gwen, Lutz, a boy, Paul Vincent, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Laun, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Tampa, a girl, Lisa Marie, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Loyola, Mr. and Mrs. Andy, Tampa, a boy, Yoandy Lazaro, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Maldonado, Loida, Tampa, a girl, Jo-Ann Michelle, Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Marcel, Angela, Tampa, a girl, Jami Rene, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Martinez, Rosa, Wimauma, a boy, Juan, Thursday, Jan. 16.

McCormich, Mr. and Mrs. David, Tampa, a girl, Elizabeth Genevieve, Saturday, Jan. 11

McGrapy, Frances, Tampa, a boy, Donnardo, Thursday, Jan. 16.

Medina, Mr. and Mrs. Moses, Plant City, a boy, Gaberiel Moses, Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Miller, Dorothy, Tampa, a girl, Tesla Michelle, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Riverview, a girl, Megan Lynn, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Nichols, Denise, Tampa, a boy, James, Monday, Jan. 13.

Ocequeda, Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo, Plant City, a girl, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Payne, Doris, Tampa, a boy, Arthur James Allen, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Pearson, Francina, Tampa, a boy, DuJuan Nathaniel, Monday, Jan. 13.

Pecylak, Katherine M., Tampa, a boy, Michael, Thursday, Jan. 16.

Pivoney, Mr. and Mrs. Gary, Tampa, a boy, Tyler James, Saturday, Jan. 18.

Pottinger, Barbara, Tampa, a girl, Cydney Chantell, Monday, Jan. 13.

Quintero, Iris, Tampa, a boy, Justin Ivan, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Register, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Tampa, a girl, Elissa Merie, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Rojas, Sykeem, Valrico, a boy, Justyn Whitney Alexander, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Rosado, Maria, Tampa, a girl, Angela Nicole, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Register, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Tampa, a girl, Elissa Merie, Tuesday, Jan. 14

Rifaie, Kifaya, Tampa, , a girl, Thursday, Jan 16.

Rumlin, Patricia, Tampa, a boy, William Alexander, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Schott, Regina, Tampa, a boy, Anthony Steven, Thursday, Jan. 16.

Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth, Plant City, a girl, Heather Virginia, Saturday, Jan 18.

Shroyer, Tanya, Tampa, a boy, Jonathon Joseph, Monday, Jan. 13.

Singleton, Lori, Tampa, a boy, Chad Christopher, Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Stanley, Patricia, Tampa, a girl, Shamanye Dominique, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Keith, Tampa, a boy, Alex Edward, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Taylor, Teresa, Tampa, a girl, Erica Lashawn, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Troidl, Karen, Tampa, a girl, Jessica Ann Marie, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Vargas, Regina, Tampa, a boy, Richard Heriberto Rosa, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Washington, Marla, Tampa, a girl, Ja' Mara Dru Doreal Desa Rai, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Whitcomb, Mr. and Mrs. John, Brandon, a boy, Joseph Perry, Monday, Jan. 13.

Wills, Kenneth and Christine Buter, Tampa, a girl, Nichole Christine Ann, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Worlds, Tyshiro, Tampa, a girl, Shakari Shanice, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Wurster, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Lithia, a boy, Eric William, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Wylie, Maria, Tampa, a girl, Jana Nicole Wylie, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Williams, Angela, Tampa, a boy, David Allen Williams, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Wynn, Angel, Tampa, a boy, Antonio Lindsey Jr., Sunday, Jan. 12.

Zunich, Michalene, Seffner, a girl, Veronica Jean, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Zurnich, Michalene, a girl, Veronica Jean, Sunday, Jan. 12.

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