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Candidates' statements: Clearwater

Published Oct. 10, 2005

Art Deegan

People in Clearwater are concerned about their safety and crime, about the homeless and those without basic health care, about education and taxes and jobs and making ends meet in a time of economic recession. As a resident here for 20 years, a past president of my homeowners' association, and a volunteer on many community service agencies, I believe I can bring to the commission an appreciation of these concerns.

As a former professor of business at the University of Michigan and at Eckerd College, and with 25 years' experience as a management consultant, I can also bring an understanding of the business world.

Clearwater needs a long-range plan for the city as a whole, based on prioritizing many differing needs. My record as chairman of the Clearwater Beach Blue Ribbon Task Force and the city's Civil Service Board attest to my skill as a leader in getting people of varying backgrounds and interests to work together for the common good.

If elected, I will stress the responsibility of city officials to be accountable to the citizens, to report regularly on their stewardship of public monies, to communicate early and often about plans and services, to make decisions that reflect citizen input.

I am not a professional politician, just a taxpayer who loves Clearwater and wants to keep it the beautiful, vibrant, warm and friendly place it was when I decided to make it my home.