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Column needed to show students' talents

Editor: We thank Bill Stevens for his interesting article last week, "Pride goes to school in Hudson."

In it he wrote that many teachers and administrators are proud of their schools. We parents are, too. However, when we see all too frequent negative articles about a few students and their deplorable crimes, we wonder about the overall view childless people and seniors have of our young people. Clearly, it is time to institute more equality in the way our children often are perceived.

We can begin gaining confidence in our children by finding out just who they are, and what they do _ particularly in school.

May we suggest more coverage from the Times on local school issues? More specifically, what is needed is a column strictly devoted to special events and praiseworthy students. There is not enough positive publicity about the curriculum and activities that the majority of our children learn from and respond to in a productive manner.

Let the community know about what is happening in our schools. Let people know that they are welcomed to school events, open houses, fund-raisers, student performances, award ceremonies, parent-teacher organization meetings, etc. Let us see the names (and faces) of those children who work hard and take pride in excellence.

What we read now is not nearly enough. Should space be a concern, keep in mind that not every school will have major events or awards every day.

Advertising school functions is difficult. Word of mouth is not enough _ many retirees have little contact with younger families. Fliers sent home with children about school functions rarely get beyond the kitchen table. Many school events that would like to rely on public participation go virtually unnoticed.

Perhaps if Times readers are informed about what our next generation is learning about and actually doing, it may encourage some readers to become much needed volunteers.

By letting the public in on more positive aspects of school life, we have a greater chance of proving our schools are worthy of pride and community support.

Billie and Jeff Snyder


Health care works for them, though

Editor: Isn't it ironic for the president and other opponents of a national health care plan to say, "It simply will not work," when all they have to do is adopt the same health care system the president and Congress have had for many years?

They apparently think it works well since I'm unaware of any complaints nor any effort by them to abolish it.

If anyone can afford the spiraling costs of medical care that the rest of us must cope with, they certainly can with their above-average salaries and pensions!

It may burst their egotistical bubbles, but they are not one iota better than any other man, woman or child in this country.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Doris L. Hatfield

New Port Richey