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Elliott drops out of the race for Tarpon City Commission

Herb Elliott said he's better suited for law than politics and has decided to quit the race for a seat on the City Commission.

"I have some real misgivings about dropping out of the race, but I think I'm better suited for applying for city attorney," Elliott said Wednesday.

Elliott had intended to seek both a seat on the commission and the city attorney's job. But his decision allows him to concentrate on applying for the job that City Attorney Alan Zimmet will give up April 9.

Zimmet, who resigned in January, said he wanted to ease his workload and spend more time with his family.

Ironically, Zimmet replaced Elliott as city attorney in 1987. Elliott, 45, was city attorney from 1978 to 1987.

Elliott said he intends to submit an official application for city attorney next week.

His withdrawal from the campaign leaves three candidates vying for Seat 4 on the commission.

Commissioner Glenn Davis, 37, a machine operator at General Electric, is serving his second two-year term and is running for re-election. He faces challenges from Cindy Cantonis Domino, 40, and Jack Singh, 62. The election is March 17.

Domino moved to Tarpon Springs from Chicago four years ago and works part-time as an assistant coordinator of volunteers at Sunset Hills Elementary School. This is the first time Domino has run for a seat on the commission.

Singh, 62, is a retired administrator for the Water Reclamation District of Chicago. He has run unsuccessfully for a seat on the commission before.