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Kids send pennies to president

When Helen Rogers' kindergarten class at Benvenue Elementary School heard President Bush's State of the Union address, the children decided the federal government needed some help.

So the class gathered their pennies _ all $10.59 of them _ and sent them off to The White House. The public debt was more than $3.7-trillion as of Wednesday.

"These kids know what's really important in life, and at such a young age," Rogers said. "I was very surprised that they would do something like this in the first place."

In addition to the pennies, the class sent Bush a letter with suggestions on how to run the country better.

"One of the suggestions they made was to send seeds to every American so that they could grow their own food," Rogers said.

But they also suggested to Bush that more money be spent on food instead of bombs, that recycling natural resources is the way to go, and that Americans should buy more domestic goods.

A White House spokesman said the letter and donation hadn't been received.