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Candidates' statements: Largo

Jim Abel

I have lived in Largo for 20 years. I am the father of five children, three of whom live and work in the Largo area. My wife, Grace, has been employed by Publix for the past 18 years.

I belong to three organizations: the American Legion and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), and I am president of the Largo Homeowners Association.

I have missed only one commission meeting and one work session in the past year. It was a learning experience.

Voter apathy is a big concern of mine. I set out to find out why voters are apathetic. I found that most people think city officials will not listen to them, that they do what they want to do anyway. I found this to be true in many cases. It took me six months, and a letter and picture published in the Largo/Seminole Times, to get a garbage bin moved off the sidewalk on Woodrow Avenue. You can make a difference.

I led the fight against a downtown redevelopment plan that most of the commissioners now admit would have been a disaster.

Due to the present economy, many people are hurting. I will be a leader in bringing the budget in line with the times. This can be accomplished with no cuts in police, fire or other operations essential to resident health and safety, and no tax increases. I know where to cut.

For any questions, call me at 581-5038. I will appreciate your vote and support, but by all means get out and vote for someone.