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Spying on Arnold: A nude photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in the March issue of Spy magazine _ because of a complaint from his publicist.

The satirical magazine received an unsolicited print of the photo, made in a studio in the 1970s, while it was preparing a story on Schwarzenegger's attempts to control media coverage of himself, said publisher Kurt Andersen.

Andersen said Thursday the magazine decided to print the photo as a result of a call from Schwarzenegger's publicist, Charlotte Parker.

He said Parker called a day after Spy received the photo to complain about the magazine having it and to wonder why the magazine was doing a story on Schwarzenegger without involving her.

"We'd rattled her cage and that became part of the story. So we decided to print it," Andersen said. "It's a press manipulation story."

Schwarzenegger's reaction to the exposure?

"He has no reaction," Parker said.

Garagiola to step down: Joe Garagiola, the avuncular ex-baseball player hired as a Today co-anchor 20 months ago when NBC was trying to halt its ratings slide, is stepping down from that role, NBC said.

But his current contract has been extended, and he will stay with the show on which he first was a co-anchor from 1969 to 1973, NBC said.

Starting Monday, Garagiola, 65, will work as a special correspondent specializing in sports and human interest stories. He will be based in Phoenix, Ariz., where he lives.

NBC said the move was made at his request.

Douglas "Man of the Year": Michael Douglas, named Man of the Year by Hasty Pudding Theatricals at Harvard University, accepted his traditional pudding pot Tuesday and said he had a special use for it.

"I just got a house in Spain. It's a very funky house. It doesn't have a bathroom upstairs," the Oscar-winning actor said.

The theatrical club has presented the tongue-in-cheek Woman of the Year awards to performers annually since 1951 and since 1967 for the Man of the Year.

Last week, actress Jodie Foster was honored with a parade through Harvard Square and presented with the traditional pudding pot.

Bush's daughter to wed: President Bush's daughter, Dorothy Bush LeBlond, is straying across party lines to marry a top aide to one of her father's most vocal Democratic critics, Rep. Richard Gephardt.

LeBlond, 32, will marry Robert Koch, 31, at the presidential retreat at Camp David, Md., said Barbara Bush's spokeswoman Anna Perez. No date has been announced.

Abdul, Estevez engaged: Pop singer Paula Abdul and actor Emilio Estevez recently became engaged, a spokesman said Thursday.

"We are completely in love and happy to have found each other," the pair said in a statement released through the singer's publicist, Eliot Sekuler.

No date has been set for their marriage. It will be the first for both.

Swapping jobs: Joan Rivers will sling hash instead of dishing trash while working the graveyard shift at a Denny's restaurant today in West Palm Beach.

"I can't wait to get there, because the chef's surprise that evening is going to be me," Rivers said through a spokeswoman.

Rivers is stepping in for Rhonda Denton, a Denny's waitress who won the talk hostess' "Life Swap" contest and will host the celebrity-gossip show next month.

Rivers will work the midnight-to-morning shift today at Denny's on Military Trail.

"She has a Denny's uniform with a name tag, the works," Nina Zaborowsky, a spokeswoman for the Joan Rivers Show, said Thursday. "I hope she has some comfortable shoes."

Denton's shot at TV stardom is scheduled to air March 4.

After work, Rivers will go to Denton's Loxahatchee home and cook breakfast for the waitress' husband and their two children, then walk the five miles Denton usually walks to wind down before napping.

That evening, Rivers will cook dinner for her surrogate family.

"And then I believe there's some laundry to be done," Zaborowsky said.