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Park footage to air this weekend

Underwater footage of the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park will be featured in an upcoming episode of Marty Stouffer's Wild America scheduled to air at 7 p.m. Sunday on WEDU-TV and at 9 a.m. Feb. 29 on WUFT-TV. "The Amazing Armadillo" explores the curious relationship between armadillos and alligators. The segments shot at the Homosassa Springs gator lagoon in March feature underwater pictures of the park's alligators. The film crew that shot the footage currently is filming at the park for a program on birds, "The Bill Makes the Bird."

Most of Highland reopens

INVERNESS _ Construction workers reopened all but one block of Highland Boulevard to traffic Thursday, City Manager Bruce Banning said. The closing of part of the road for construction has been causing tie-ups on State Road 44 in Inverness. Banning didn't know when the block that remains closed _ between Line Avenue and Citrus Avenue _ would be reopened. Parts may be closed again for a day or two to put on a final layer of asphalt, he said. Completion is scheduled for early April.

Youths aid man in accident

A Crystal River man loses a leg in a tractor accident, and two youngsters come to his aid. Story 1B.


Bob Korn of Pine Ridge was injured Monday when a motor home he was working on somehow slipped off two 8-ton jacks that were supporting the vehicle and fell on top of him. A story in Tuesday's Times said the vehicle had been supported by cinder blocks.

Because of incorrect information provided by Barnett Bank of the Suncoast, two figures in Thursday's Money Yield table were incorrect. The $2,500 money-market account yield is 3.3 percent compounded and the five-year certificate of deposit is 6.5 percent simple interest.