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Tough loss for a tough skier

Julie Parisien slammed her ski poles into the ground in anger at the medal she let slip away.

"This is never going to happen to me again, no matter what," she promised, punching each word into her memory. "The pressure's never going to get to me like that again."

Parisien, 20, became an Olympic also-ran with a tentative second run in Thursday's slalom, squandering an explosive first run that led the field.

The U.S. skier's second run left her fourth overall, missing a bronze medal by .05 seconds.

"There was a lot of time between the runs. My confidence waned a little bit," she said. "I didn't have the confidence that I had in the first run and my body was just a little bit sluggish."

Parisien skied with a cast _ built by her father to help her hold a ski pole _ on her broken left wrist, and a yellow facemask over a tender mouth. She lost four teeth and got 12 stitches in a training accident last month, and earned a fat lip by slamming her face into a gate in Wednesday's giant slalom.

Parisien, from Auburn, Maine, could only watch in silence as weeping winner Petra Kronberger was hoisted onto the shoulders of Austrian compatriots with her second gold medal in eight days.

Kronberger, 22, wrapped up women's Alpine skiing as she began it last week when she won the combined event. Her two-run slalom time was 1 minute, 32.68 seconds.

Annelise Coberger of New Zealand skied the best second run to take the silver in 1:33.10, the first Winter Olympic medal won by someone from the Southern Hemisphere.

Blanca Fernandez Ochoa won bronze in 1:33.35 for Spain's second Winter Olympic medal. The first was captured by her brother, Francisco, who won the 1972 slalom in Sapporo.

Defending champion Vreni Schneider of Switzerland finished seventh. The Swiss, who dominated women's skiing in the 1980s, failed to win a medal in the five women's Alpine events.


U.S. women get silver, Canada wins

ALBERTVILLE, France _ Anchored by 29-year-old Cathy Turner of Rochester, N.Y., who retired from the sport for eight years to pursue a career as rock-and-roll singer under the name of Niki Nuwland, a team of four U.S. women won a silver medal in the 3,000-meter short track speed skating relay.

Canada, winner of 10 of the last 11 world championships, won the gold in a world-record time of 4 minutes, 36.62 seconds.

Thursday was the first day of short track medal-round competition in the Olympics. It was a demonstration sport in the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.

The Canadian victory was vindication for anchor Sylvie Daigle, the four-time world champion who was eliminated from the 500 meters Tuesday when she accidentally clipped skates with Turner early in the race and never recovered.

The Unified Team, which reached the final because Chinese anchor Zhang Yanmei fell on the last turn of what seemed to be an easy victory in a semifinal heat, took the bronze.

In the men's 1,000 meters, Kim Ki-Hoon broke a world record set 15 minutes earlier in a semifinal by teammate Lee Joon-Ho and won the first gold medal ever for South Korea in the Winter Olympics. Kim won in 1 minute, 30.76 seconds.


Dutch find a hero in 10,000 meters

ALBERTVILLE, France _ Bart Veldkamp won the men's 10,000 meters and gave the Netherlands its first gold in men's speedskating in 16 years.

Veldkamp skated past Norway's Johann Olav Koss and Geir Karlstad, knocking them to second and third. His time of 14 minutes, 12.12 seconds started the Dutch in the stands screaming and dancing. They threw stuffed animals and flowers at the 24-year-old skater, who skated his victory lap laughing, with the red, white and blue Dutch flag.

"This is a wonderful day. To us skating is everything and now we can celebrate," said Jan Slagter, his orange wig blowing in the wind. "Bart is a hero for everyone who is Dutch."


Late sub from Siberia thwarts sweep

LES SAISIES, France _ Evgeni Redkine, a last-minute addition to the Unified Team, won the the men's 20-kilometer biathlon.

The 22-year-old Siberian shot clean in his Olympic debut and skied to a 6.4-second victory over Germany's Mark Kirchner, who was trying to sweep the three biathlon events.

_ Information from the Pittsburgh Press was used in this roundup.