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Youths are winners at State Fair

The following are Hillsborough County youths who participated in and won ribbons in a variety of events at the recent Florida State Fair.

Family living: cooking

Cookies: Helen Postiglione, first place.

Candy: Autumn Eve Balthazor, first place; Rick Wilks, second.

Salads: Denise Sorace, first place.

Bread and Muffins: Norma Bobbett, first place; Michael Hepburn, third.

Cakes: Cynthia Cheney, second place; Norma Bobbett, third.

Pies: Norma Bobbett, third place.

Educational exhibits

Best Overall was awarded to Kevin Turner from the Country Kids 4-H Club in Plant City.

Senior Division:

First place to Kevin Turner; second place to Cathy Smith from Ben Hill Junior High FFA; third place to Ken Wood from King High FFA.

Junior Division:

First place to Leigh Anne Hamilton from Double C 4-H in Riverview.

Teams Division:

First place to Kyle Turner from County Kids 4-H in Plant City; second place to Heather Tompkin and Lekita Herbert from King High FFA; third place to Laurie Teppor and Laurie Camp from King High FFA.

State Fair dog exhibit

poster contest

Ages 5-9: Kurt Thomas, first place; Sally Stewart, second; Julie Stewart, third; Shanna Stewart, fourth.

Ages 10-12: Samantha Stewart, first place; Katy Thomas, second.

Ages 13-17: Kristin Thomas, second; Michele Gaskins, third.

Youth dairy

Holstein: Grand champion (female), Christopher Holcomb of Seffner.

Ayrshire: Grand champion (female), Paula Gillespie of Durant.

Guernsey: Grand champion (female), Ryan Holcomb of Seffner; Reserve champion (female), Christopher Holcomb of Seffner.

Agricultural exhibits

Most Unusual Carrot: Justin Fallseny, Country Kids 4-H Club of Seffner.

Biggest Carrot: Kyle Turner, Country Kids 4-H Club of Seffner.

4-H dairy competition

Senior: Alicia Churchwell, second place; Chris Holcomb, third; Jerri Geisy, fifth; Ryan Holcomb, sixth; Joanna Creitz, eighth; Michelle Thomas, 10th.

Steer show

Record book winner: Marty Lockhart, J.B. Smith 4-H Club, Plant City; Plant City High School FFA; Zach Gray, J.B. Smith 4-H, Plant City.

Intermediate youth

dairy costume ball

Humorous: second place, Mary Thomas and Christina Thomas of Riverview.

Colorfulness: first place, Jerry Giesy of Brandon; second, Theresa Thomas of Cloverleaf 4-H Club.

Most Original: third place, Joshua Churchwell of Plant City.

Future Farmer of America chapter contest

Junior High: first place, Mann Junior High; third place, Eisenhower Junior High.

Senior High: second place, Armwood Junior High; third place, Plant City High.

Florida State Fair

youth swine show

Grand Champion Hog, James Carr, Burns Junior High of Brandon.

Florida State Fair swine sale

Grand Champion, James Carr, of Brandon, swine sold for $1.90 per pound; Susie Price, of Seffner, 85 cents per pound; Horace Mann FFA, of Brandon, 80 cents per pound. All prices paid are per pound. Regina Fannin, of Tampa, 70 cents; Jerry Lewis of Tampa, $1; Charles Ward II, 90 cents; Stephanie Gupton of Plant City, 85 cents; Ronald Musial of Brandon, 90 cents; Keith Stanley of Riverview, $1; Shelly Stallings of Plant City, $1.10; Andrew Brod, 80 cents; King High FFA, 90 cents; Jeff Lyle, 85 cents; Barton Milder of Plant City, $1; Stacy Gupton of Plant City, 75 cents; Jeff Sicknger of Tampa, 80 cents; T.K. Christie of Plant City, 75 cents; Chad Dukes of Brandon, $1.10; Ryan McCracken of Tampa, 70 cents; Stephanie Wynn of Dover, 75 cents; Tommy Vaughn of Plant City, 99 cents; Craig Sellers of Brandon, $1; Leanne Walert of Tampa, $1; Crystal Sumner of Lithia, 75 cents; Donald Newman of Thonotosassa, 90 cents; Robert Lee Newman of Thonotosassa, 80 cents; Brian Shoop of Riverview, $1; Jimmie Jo Dixon of Riverview, 95 cents; Brandon FFA, 75 cents; J.G.Smith FFA, 80 cents; Brent Vannetta of Lutz, $1.05; Plant City High, 75 cents; Shayla Lewis of Tampa, $1.05; Trey Norman of Ruskin, 80 cents; Alafia Kids 4-H of Riverview, $1.30; Bobby Kinyon of Lutz, $1; Christine Fahlosing of Seffner, 90 cents; Tisha Dukes of Brandon, $1.10; Jennifer Turner of Plant City, $2.30; Matt Reeves of Lutz, $1; Paul A. Hoker of Plant City, 70 cents; Van Buren FFA, 75 cents; Deanns Blount of Dover, 85 cents; Kristen Damron of Thonotosassa, $1; Kleav Lewis of Tampa, $1.25; Ron Fortune of Tampa, 65 cents; Kim Smith of Ruskin 80 cents; Andrea Kelsey of Lithia, $1.05; Clay Lewis of Tampa, $1.10; Robert Swint of Tampa, $1.20; Russell Dixon of Riverview, $1.10; Richard Kilburn of Valrico, 65 cents; Kelly Sherman of Riverview, $1; Clint Dane of Tampa, $1; David Houser of Riverview, 85 cents; Chris Rogers of Tampa, $1.10; Jamil Crowder of Ruskin, $1.05; Tommy McNamee of Tampa, 80 cents; Greg Gilmore of Brandon, 85 cents; Jason Crowder of Ruskin, $1.10, and Gary Foster of Tampa, $1.

Florida State Fair

best dressed lamb

Pee Wee Division: Best Overall: Shawna Newsome, age 3 of Riverview. Most Original: Melissa Hinton, age 6 of Riverview; Most Humorous: Tasha Fryman, age 3 of Ruskin.

Senior Division: Best Overall: Carrie Reevee, age 14 of Valrico.

Florida State Fair

youth lamb show

Grand Champion Prospect Lamb: East Bay Junior High FFA of Gibsonton.

Reserve Champion Prospect Lamb: Eisenhower Junior High FFA of Gibsonton.

Grand Champion Pre-School Showman: Shawna Newsome, age 3 of Riverview.

Grand Champion Pee-Wee Showman: Ashley Newsome, age 6 of Riverview.