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10-year-old girl escapes abduction

A 10-year-old girl narrowly escaped abduction late Thursday afternoon, according to a Pasco Sheriff's Office report.

The Shady Hills Elementary pupil was walking along Rockledge Street, not far from her Leisure Hills home, when a man, about 40, pulled over in a small, black two-door car.

He reportedly asked her to come closer and give him directions. She approached the car.

"You've got something on your shirt," he said, just before he reached out and grabbed her wrist. According to the report, the driver's side door of the car was partly open, as though he was ready to quickly pull the girl into the car.

She hit his hand and got free. He reached again and grabbed at her shoulder, ripping her shirt. She then screamed and kicked the door shut, records show. She ran and hid in nearby woods. The driver sped off, tires squealing.

Her mother later reported the incident to authorities. Sheriff's spokesman Jon Powers said a special patrol has been assigned to the area to watch for the suspect.

The girl said at the time of the attempted abduction, the man was wearing a blue baseball cap, had a silver cap on one of his teeth and wore a large ring on three fingers of his right hand, records show.

Detectives had no leads in the case as of late Friday, officials said.