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Airline looks for cholera source

An Argentine airline suspended stopovers in Lima, Peru, after a cholera outbreak on a flight to Los Angeles killed one man and hospitalized three others. State health officials said 65 people aboard the Aerolineas Argentinas flight had cholera or were exhibiting cholera-like symptoms. Flight 386 carried 336 people on a flight Feb. 14 from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles, with a stop in Lima. The search for the cause of the outbreak focused Friday on the flight's one-hour stop in Lima, where food was loaded onto the plane. But the Peruvian caterer said it wasn't responsible. The company distributed 2,500 meals for 14 flights that day, and only the Aerolineas Argentinas flight reported cases of cholera, company officials said. Cholera has swept through Latin America since 1991, killing more than 4,000 people _ at least 3,000 in Peru. With proper treatment for cholera, the death rate is less than 1 percent.

White supremacist out of jail

LOS ANGELES _ White supremacist Tom Metzger, founder of the White Aryan Resistance, on Friday was granted an early release from a six-month sentence in a 1983 cross burning to be with his critically ill wife. Superior Court Judge J.

D. Smith said he approved the release for the sake of Kathleen Metzger, who suffers from lung cancer. But he warned Metzger he would be held accountable for threats made in a recent jailhouse interview. Metzger had likened himself to a wounded grizzly bear in the woods and said that "the hunter better run, because the bear is very dangerous." Metzger, former grand dragon of the KKK, was convicted in October of misdemeanor unlawful assembly for his role in the cross burning in San Fernando Valley. He began serving his sentence Jan. 6.

Earthwinds launch set today

AKRON, Ohio _ An attempt to begin the first non-stop trip around the world in a balloon will be made between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST today, Earthwinds expedition organizers said. For a successful launch, the balloonists need light surface winds and a jet stream aloft that will carry the three-man crew on a track entering European airspace somewhere between Gibraltar and the Baltic republics. They originally had hoped for a launch around New Year's Day.