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Animal Control did wonderful job with hurt cat

Editor: Since so much has been written criticizing the police and Animal Control, I wish to let the public know of my experience with them.

Late one Saturday, a stray cat I had fed at times appeared and he had been injured. He couldn't walk. I called the Animal Control and their answering service said to phone 911. The lady at 911 politely listened to my story and she said she'd notify Animal Control.

In less than 15 minutes the 911 patrol car arrived and two polite police officers heard my story and said the Animal Control would be here soon.

In about 10 minutes a very nice and kind man from Animal Control appeared and gently captured the cat.

I can't say enough about the service I received.

Geneva McGee


Tax credit would aid recovery

Editor: An economic stimulus, especially the tax credit for first-time home buyers introduced by several members of Congress and recently endorsed by President Bush in his State of the Union address, is just the shot in the arm that our recession-weary economy needs to get it back on its feet and moving again.

In fact, a $5,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers would stimulate construction of 215,000 new homes this year, put 415,000 unemployed Americans back to work, bolster consumer confidence and generate more than $20-billion in additional economic activity.

And here in Citrus County, this plan would not only stimulate the economy, but would also help first-time buyers achieve the increasingly elusive American dream of home ownership.

At a time when the administration and the Congress are struggling to strengthen the economy without adding to the federal deficit, the tax credit will give the economy and the housing sector a much-needed boost in a fiscally responsible manner and will help housing lead the nation out of recession.

Any economic stimulus plan should also include:

Allowing penalty-free withdrawals from IRAs for buyers purchasing their first homes.

Allowing deductions for losses on sales of personal residences.

Modifying passive loss rules for real estate practitioners.

Extending the low-income housing tax credit and mortgage revenue bond programs.

Reducing the capital gains rate.

The past has proven repeatedly that there can be no sustained economic recovery without a recovery in the housing industry. The president's economic stimulus plan, particularly the $5,000 tax credit, is just what the doctor ordered to get the economy back on its feet.

Citrus County Builders Association urges Congress to pass an economic stimulus plan that contains these housing initiatives by March 20, as President Bush suggested to get Americans working, building and buying homes again.

Gaston Hall


Citrus County Builders Association