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Canadian coach: U.S. had no reason to gripe

Down on the ice, the final horn had just sounded and U.S. captain Clark Donatelli was wasting no time venting the United States' displeasure against the Swedish referee, Sven Eric Sold.

About halfway up the stands, Canada coach Dave King watched.

"Any team that gets outshot, 55-18, should keep its mouths shut about the officiating," said King. "When one team has the puck as much as the Russians did, you are going to wind up taking some penalties."

King watched the Unified Team's 5-2 victory over the United States before sending his own team out to defeat Czechoslovakia 4-2 in the other semifinal. He studied the U.S.-Unified game with the detachment of a coach preparing his scouting report, his emotions held under wraps for later in the night.

"The Americans spent too much time complaining when they should have been trying to get a hold of the puck," he said, matter-of-factly.

"To be 2-2 with 20 minutes left was great for them, the best the U.S. could hope for. They shouldn't be complaining."