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Humana Hospital-Brandon

Arbelo, Maria and Juan, of Brandon, a boy, Jordan Nicolas, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Barakat, Syndee and Gary, of Brandon, a boy, Dylan Louis, Friday, Feb. 7.

Blanchard, Asunta and Thomas, of Seffner, a girl, Kathleen Loriane, Saturday, Feb. 8.

Chitwood, Debra and George, of Plant City, a boy, George Colvin III, Friday, Jan. 24.

Clendening, Lynna and Jerry, of Plant City, a girl, Hannah Leigh, Friday, Jan. 3.

Coleman, Genal, of Lakeland, a girl, Paige Nichole, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Chutter, Jackie and Jeff, of Plant City, a girl, Paige Alexie, Friday, Jan. 31.

Davis, Debbie and Joseph, of Plant City, a girl, Victoria Dawn, Monday, Jan. 27.

Dickson, Stacy and Franklin, of Plant City, a boy, Cole Dean, Friday, Jan. 24.

Dowdle, Jenne and Jeff, of Plant City, a boy, Matthew Stephen, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Fisher, Bernadine and James, of Brandon, a boy, Matthew James, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Forbes, Kelly and Glenn, of Valrico, a boy, Braden Glenn, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Geniesse, Katherine and Robert, of Brandon, a girl, Audra Marie, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Gilley, Suzanne and Bruce, of Brandon, a girl, Amanda Breanne, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Grubba-Lane, Patricia and Lane, Shannon, of Temple Terrace, a boy, Justin Michael, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Keaton, Tish, of Tampa, a girl, Kristen Grace, Thursday, Jan. 30.

Lee, Lataska and Green, Kelly, of Plant City, a boy, Kelly W. Jr., Thursday, Jan. 30.

Lucketti, Carla and Lawrence, of Tampa, a girl, Bristol Kaye, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Matos, Stacy and Alex, of Brandon, a girl, Mikaela Ann, Sunday, Feb. 9.

Pfantz, Laura and William, of Plant City, a boy, Kellen Alexander, Friday, Jan. 24.

Plair, Tonika and Miller, Orenthial, of Tampa, a boy, Orenthial Korey Jr., Sunday, Feb. 2.

Sims, Gina and Billy, of Plant City, a boy, Dustin Ray, Friday, Feb. 7.

Snapp, Karen and R. Scott, of Plant City, a girl, Kaitlin Scott, Wednesday, Jan. 22.

White, Janet and Ronald, of Brandon, a boy, Samuel Lawerence, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Whitehead, Robin and Dale, of Brandon, a boy, Samuel Robert, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1992.

Williams, Tracy and Steven, of Brandon, a boy, Steven Craig II, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Williamson, Janet and S. Craig, of Plant City, a boy, David Craig, Wednesday, Feb. 5.

Winstead, Ann and James, of Plant City, a girl, Amanda Rose, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Wolfe, Sherrie and Jeffrey, of Brandon, a girl, Danielle Megan, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 1992.

Humana Women's


Arcuri, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jr., a girl, Erika Danielle, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Bartalo, Steve and Cindy, a girl, Gioia Marie, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Bentley, Mrs. and Mrs. C. Mickler, a boy, Lee Mickler, Monday, Jan. 27.

Boyer, Shawn and Leslie, a boy, Cody Joseph, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Brown, Wanda, a boy, Demertis Anthony, Friday, Jan. 24.

Burns, Dale and Hope, a boy, Clayton Dale, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Callum, Mr. and Mrs. James, a girl, Friday, Jan. 24.

Camacho, Carlos and Elisa, a girl, Jennifer Lynn, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Chatters, Linda, a girl, Chakara Natray, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Creed, David and Vicky, a girl, Donielle Jean, Monday, Jan. 27.

Dudek, Thomas and Michelle, a girl, Stephanie Lauren, Monday, Jan. 27.

Dungan, Mr. and Mrs. Randy, a boy, Derek Andrew, Monday, Jan. 27.

Eppler, Thomas and Catherine, a boy, Ryan Thomas, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Garvey, Jim and Nancy, a boy, Sean James, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Gonzalez, Juan and Laura, a boy, Taylor Jon, Friday, Jan. 24.

Guedes, Marlene and Sergio, a boy, Richard Ballard, Monday, Jan. 20.

Guerra, Mr. and Mrs. Dano III, a boy, Jacobo Samuel, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Hunter, Jamie and Jody, a boy, Ian Jamison, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Johnson, Conrad and Kimberly, a girl, Kristina Marie, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Kohler, James and Catherine, a girl, Christine Marie, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Landry, Robert and Janet, a boy, Brice William, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Livingston, Joe and April, a boy, Jonathan Wade, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Martinez, John and Emily, a girl, Marissa Elaine, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

McMahon, Thomas and Sandra, a boy, Jonathan Patrick, Monday, Jan. 27.

Mendez, Tom and Silvia, a boy, Thomas Michael Jr., Saturday, Jan. 25.

Oakley, Michael and Cathy, a boy, Dustin Michael, Monday, Jan. 27.

O'Connell, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Robert, a girl, Courtney April, Monday, Jan. 27.

Quinones, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar I., a girl, Chelsey Mariah, Monday, Jan. 27.

Roger, Raymond and Pamela, a boy, Billy Ray, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Rudisll, Mr. and Mrs. Bern, a boy, Bryan Bernard, Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Shaw, Steven and Cynthia, a girl, Courtney Rebecca, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Soucie, Mr. and Mrs. Skip, a boy, Trip, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. W.C., a boy, Daniel W., Sunday, Jan. 26.

Vickers, Steve and Leigh, a boy, Evan Thomas, Friday, Jan. 24.

Wormack, Jowanita, a boy, Justin Dennard, Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Tampa General Hospital

Abraham, Dawn, Tampa, a girl, Tiffany Ann, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. William, Lutz, a girl, Killian Chalmers, Monday, Feb. 3.

Applegate, Darien and Joe, Tampa, a boy, Curtis Jennings, Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Ardis, Holly Dolores, Tampa, a girl, Jamie Lynn, Friday, Jan. 24.

Arocha, Mr. and Mrs. Osvaldo, Tampa, a boy, Eliel, Friday, Jan. 31.

Arthur, Deburah M., Plant City, a boy, Sidney, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Bacon, Cheryl and Bacon, Riverview, a boy, Devin Edward Mitchell, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Barnett, Mary Ann and Daniel, Tampa, a girl, Allison Renee, Friday, Jan. 24.

Battensby, Ella, Tampa, a boy, Cody Lee, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Bellamy, Tundra, Plant City, a boy, Earl Deon, Monday, Jan. 20.

Bettencourt, Mr. and Mrs. William, Tampa, a boy, Christopher Noah, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Biggart, Leona, Tampa, a boy, Dominic Donald, Monday, Feb. 3.

Bonar, Mr. and Mrs. Mark, Tampa, a girl, Constance Marie, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Borys, Mr. and Mrs. William Jr., Tampa, a boy, Jordan Nicholas, Monday, Feb. 3.

Bradley, Julie and John, Brandon, a boy, Christopher Lee, Monday, Jan. 20.

Buck, Leslie, Gibsonton, a girl, Candice Nicole, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Burger, Catherine and Edward, Tampa, a boy, Andrew Brennan, Friday, Jan. 31.

Burt, Pamela and Richard, Tampa, a boy, Richard Preston, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Casey, Vanessa, Tampa, a boy, Quesawn Demonte, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Titus, Tampa, a girl, Tituneshia Elizabeth, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Collins, Dawn, Tampa, a boy, Edilberto, Friday, Jan. 31.

Combs, Veronica M., Brandon, a girl, Sarah Marie, Friday, Jan. 31.

Cordero, Mr. and Mrs. George, Tampa, a boy, Jeremy Agustin, Friday, Jan. 24.

Crenshaw, Willie Jerome and Coretta Smith, Plant City, a boy, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Davis, Dorothy, Tampa, a girl, Jasmine Christine, Monday, Jan. 20.

Delaney, Karen, Tampa, a boy, Mark Cole, Monday, Feb. 3.

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen, Riverview, a boy, Stephen Ray Jr., Saturday, Feb. 1.

Ferdinand, Karen and Eustach, Tampa, a boy, Kadeem Justin, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Fernandez, Shannon and Tony, Tampa, a boy, Christopher Brent, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Flannery, Mr. and Mrs. Deward, Wimauma, a boy, Deward Belmont IV, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Frazier, Donna and Willard, Tampa, a girl, Jessica P., Saturday, Feb 1.

Fultz, Angela, Tampa, a girl, Whitney Rachel, Monday, Jan. 20.

Gant, Mr. and Mrs. Willis, Plant City, a girl, Sierra Shaun Tai, Monday, Jan. 20.

Garcia, Evelyn, Tampa, a boy, Roderick Joseph, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Givens, Lisa and John, Tampa, a boy, Charles R.G., Saturday, Feb. 1.

Glass, Elizabeth and William, Riverview, a boy, William Jack, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Graham, Stephanie and Kenneth, Tampa, a boy, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Green, Andrita, Plant City, a girl, Monique Giovontae, Monday, Jan. 20.

Green, Mr. and Mrs. Michael, Tampa, a girl, Martika Charelle, Friday, Jan. 31.

Groesbech, Gina, Tampa, a boy, Brandon Bradford, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Gut, Bridget, Plant City, a girl, Destiny Ann, Friday, Jan. 24.

Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. Michael, Brandon, a girl, Jade Skye, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Harley, Sharon, Tampa, a boy, Steven. Friday, Jan. 24.

Harris, Roxanne, Tampa, a boy, Rodney Benton, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Hogeland, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Plant City, a girl, Kaela Denae, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Huber, Elizabeth and George, Valrico, a boy, Jesse Adam, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Hunter, Latoya, Thonotosassa, a boy, DeMarcus Thomas, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Ibarras, Maria DeJesus, Plant City, a boy, Avelardo, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Johnson, Ella, Brandon, a boy, Devion Jermaine, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Jones, Colleen and Christopher, Tampa, a boy, Evan Christopher, Friday, Jan. 24.

Kader, Mr. and Mrs. Zakaria, Tampa, a girl, Ala Zakaria, Monday, Feb. 3.

Kornegay, Yvonne, Tampa, a girl, Jamie Lee, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Larson, Valerie, Tampa, a girl, Jaculyn Davlin, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Lay, Brenda, Tampa, a boy, Christopher Robert, Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Leonard, Kelly, Tampa, a boy, Markus Howard, Thursday, Jan. 23.

MacKenzie, Kim, Dover, twin boys, Christopher Brian and Cameron Anthony, Friday, Jan. 24.

Maloney, Traci and Robert Jr., Tampa, a boy, Robert Alphonse III, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Martin, Dana and Christopher, Tampa, a girl, Brittany Ann, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Marvel, Miki, Plant City, a girl, Jasman Nicole, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Mas, Mr. and Mrs. Luis, Tampa, a girl, Andrea Marie, Monday, Jan. 20.

Means, Dawn, Tampa, a girl, Denise Nicole, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Melendez, Mr. and Mrs. Fernando, Tampa, a girl, Nataly, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Mendez, Angelita, Tampa, a girl, Camelia, Friday, Jan. 24.

Meyer, Joyce Marie and Kevin, Tampa, a girl, Brenda Marie, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Millan, Lidyce and Alexey, Tampa, a girl, Jamie Lidyce, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Mistretta, Fadra, Gibsonton, a girl, Amber Joann, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Mitchell, Carl and Lorraine Moultry, Tampa, a girl, Shanice LaToya, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Moore, Alison and James, Tampa, a boy, Preston Jarred, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Moore, Jessie, Tampa, a boy, Traveon Elijah, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Moore, Valerie, Tampa, a girl, Amanda Elaine Delores, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Moore, Victoria, Tampa, a girl, Kierra Shante, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Moorman, Jennifer, Tampa, a girl, Lindsay Nicolle, Friday, Jan. 31.

Morales, Alicia, Tampa, a boy, Eddie, Monday, Jan. 20.

Moreira, Mr. and Mrs. Tony, Plant City, a boy, Tony Jr., Sunday, Feb. 2.

Murvin, Shenyetta, Tampa, a girl, Chekworya Nache, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Myles, Mr. and Mrs. Donald, Tampa, a girl, Donneshia Bettika, Monday, Feb. 3.

Ngo, Dao Ling, Plant City, a boy, Tung Paul, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Nguyen, Trinh, Tampa, a boy, Cuong, Friday, Jan. 24.

O'Brian, Darcie, Tampa, a girl, Ashley Gail, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Oravetz, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Tampa, a girl, Jessica Lyn, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Padgett II, Mr. and Mrs. James, Tampa, a boy, Justin Allen, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Parks, Lola Mae, Tampa, a girl, Shoni LaShae, Monday, Feb. 3.

Parr, Kimberly, Tampa, a girl, Alyssa M., Friday, Jan. 24.

Perkins, Alonia, Tampa, a girl, Ricole Marie, Monday, Jan. 20.

Picirillo, Lisa and Anthony, Tampa, a girl, Gina Cecilia, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Pinkney, Bridgett and Ronald, Tampa, a girl, Destinee Patrice, Friday, Jan. 31.

Pissott, Mr. and Mrs. William, Lutz, a boy, Dylan Lee, Friday, Jan. 24.

Poore, Mr. and Mrs. Duke, Tampa, a boy, Stephen Donatus, Monday, Jan. 20.

Proctor, Deborah, Plant City, a girl, Heather Erin, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Ravnell, Keshia, Tampa, a girl, Somoteria Ke'Chelle, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Reynolds, Charlene, Tampa, a boy, Jaywon Donte, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Rivera, Brenda, Tampa, a boy, Michael Jovahnny, Friday, Jan. 31.

Robertson, Roberta, Tampa, a girl, Deandrea Eyvette, Sunday, Jan. 19.

Rocha, Martha, Wimauma, a boy, Joe Eugene, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Scott E., Brandon, a boy, James Christopher, Monday, Feb. 3.

Rosalez, Maria and Orlando, Plant City, a girl, Joeanna, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Rossell, Linda, Tampa, a girl, Danielle Arthenia, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Roynon, Kimberly, Tampa, a girl, Stevie Ann, Monday, Jan. 20.

Sandoval, Angelita, Wimauma, a girl, Cynthia, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Sargent, Candy, Tampa, a boy, Samuel, Monday, Feb. 3.

Scott, Vanetta, Tampa, a girl, Ishia Donnicka, Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Sevigny, Diana M., Valrico, a boy, Michael Gray, Friday, Jan. 24.

Smith, Samantha, Tampa, a girl, Katherine Nicole, Monday, Jan. 20.

Spigner, Brenda, Tampa, a boy, Dimenterro Lavarous, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Splitgerber, Mr. and Mrs. Roy, Tampa, a boy, David Roy, Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Stapleton, Virginia and Scott, Lakeland, a girl, Nikolle Lynn, Friday, Jan. 31.

Stripling, Lana and Michael, Winter Haven, a girl, Savanah Alexis, Friday, Jan. 24.

Summerset, Sheranta, Tampa, a boy, Dontavious DeAngelo, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Swilley, Tanoka, Tampa, a girl, Tiara Sherell, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Taylor, Jacelyn, Tampa, a girl, Aruna Euri, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Taylor, Judy and Samuel, Tampa, a girl, Ashley Marie, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Terrell, Lois, Plant City, a girl, Maranda Elaine, Monday, Feb. 3.

Thigpen, Tenisha, Tampa, a boy, Ja'Shea Tyree, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Thomas, Angela and William Jr., Tampa, a girl, Christine Ingebourg, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Thomas, Roosevelt and Donna Crist, Thonotosassa, a girl, Angel Irene, Friday, Jan. 24.

Thompson, Linda, Tampa, a boy, Jimmy Lee, Monday, Jan. 20.

Tippit, Misty, Tampa, a girl, Kayla Elaine, Monday, Feb. 3.

Tolliver, Janet, Tampa, a girl, Anjerrica Leaisa, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Tucker, Kathleen, Tampa, a boy, Brandon Todd, Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Turner, Andrea, Tampa, a boy, Da'Montrae, Sunday, Feb. 2.

Turner, Barbara and Mitchell, Tampa, a girl, Sylvia Cherie, Monday, Feb. 3.

Tuson, Brandi, Apollo Beach, a girl, Joy Ammi, Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Vaughn, Michelle, Tampa, a girl, Victoria Lee, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Vargas, Regina, Tampa, a boy, Richard Heriberto, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Ward, Felicia, Tampa, a boy, Antonio Jermaine, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Washington, Marla, Tampa, a girl, Ja'Mara Dru'Doreai Desarai, Sunday, Jan. 12.

Washington, Veleria, Tampa, a girl, Jasmine Shanequa, Thursday, Jan. 30.

White, Veronica, Tampa, triplet boys, Jesse, Jeasel and Jewell, Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Wiggins, Tonia and Robert, Gibsonton, a girl, Kristin Briana Lee, Saturday, Feb. 1.

Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Tampa, a girl, Meredith Jordan, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Wilder, Mr. and Mrs. Larry, Tampa, a boy, Ernest Trenton, Friday, Jan. 24.

Williams, Avery Jean, Tampa, a boy, Kevin Lee, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Williams, Diana and Benge, Tampa, a girl, Lisa Faye, Friday, Jan. 31.

Williams, Malissia, Tampa, a girl, Rachel Shanequa, Friday, Jan. 31.

Williams, Melinda L, Tampa, a boy, Johnathan Allen, Friday, Jan. 17.

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Steven, Brandon, a boy, Matthew Hogan, Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Wright, Elisa, Tampa, a girl, Gregvonna, Friday, Jan. 31.

Wynn, Angel, Tampa, a boy, Antonio Lindsey Jr., Sunday, Jan. 12.

Yeomans, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery, Wachula, a girl, Miranda Mary Linda, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Zavala, Juan and Benigna Coronodo, Ruskin, a girl, Cynthia Patricia, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Zunich, Michalene, Seffner, a girl, Veronica Jean Milbry, Sunday, Jan. 12.