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Cannon's ball proves very accurate

Bob and Shirley Cannon were caught up in the northern industrial hustle-bustle for all their working lives before retiring and moving to Valrico two years ago.

Leaving the stress and cold winters was easy, but they wanted to stay active.

Bowling filled the bill for both Bob, 59, and Shirley, 58, who retired early to preserve job benefits and spend more years playing.

Two weeks ago during competition in his Monday bowling league (the Cannons have league play on Mondays and Wednesdays), Bob bowled a perfect 300.

"I bowled only one night a week up North and Shirley didn't bowl much at all," said Cannon. "Now bowling is a major part of our social activity. There are about 150 retired people in the league and we are like a family. It helps keep us fit and we all kind of look out for each other.

"I had rolled a 195 in the first game of the series and when starting the second, Arlene Foley, one of the members of our team, said she would buy me a beer if I reached 200. My wife added she would buy a case of beer if I rolled 300. Of course I had no idea, but by the eighth frame people started to gather around to cheer and encourage. My biggest problem is inconsistency, though. My third game was 140."

Cannon's previous high game was a 268 he bowled several years ago. He says he has hit a 600 series several times, but never cracked 700 even with his perfect game.

"I must have shook a thousand hands and got I don't know how many hugs and kisses after the final frame," said Cannon. "People were thanking me and saying they had never seen a perfect game."

Cannon says he will work more on his consistency now; he hopes to someday roll a 700 series and maybe even get another 300 game.

Volleyball: Because of limited time and space, only the first eight teams registering were allowed to compete in the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department's Women's Valentine Volleyball Tournament held at Brandon High School recently.

Taking first place by winning all three games was The Hearts.

Michelle LaMont is captain. Denise Espinda, Denise Rubio, Lyra Vance, Sandy Hotwagner and Sheryl Arnold are also on the team.

The Sharp Shooters placed second and Pepsi third. Both are Brandon squads.

Carolyn McGee, volleyball coordinator for the county recreation department, has scheduled a co-ed beach tournament for March 21, at the Brandon Recreation Center, 510 Sadie St.

The St. Patrick's co-ed Four-Member Beach Volleyball tournament is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. on the two sand courts at the Brandon recreation center.

Registration is $25 per team due by March 6.

A maximum roster of five per team will be allowed. There can be three men and one woman or three women and one man per team.

A round-robin format will be played with two pools. For additional information call McGee at 272-5840.

Tennis: The Hidden Palms Racquet Club, 733 Knowles Road in Brandon, is host to its fourth annual Humane Society Tennis Tournament March 14-15.

Divisions of competition include Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Mixed 45 and older Doubles and a special Old Hound Class.

A special pet photo contest will also be part of the activities.

Fees are $25 per person for one event or $35 for two events. All proceeds will be given to the Humane Society.

Deadline to apply is 6 p.m. March 11, or when the first 200 players and 16 teams register.

For additional information call Mary Seiferd or June Curtis at 685-9784.

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