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Either way, her district looks favorable

State Rep. Mary Figg, D-Lutz, isn't making any secret of her interest in running for the state Senate this year. She's got opportunities in both the Democratic-sponsored plans for reapportioning the Senate. But she'll likely have to take on a Republican incumbent. Senate Democrats propose to put her in a district with Republican Malcolm Beard of Seffner.

That district would be 52 percent Democratic and 39 percent Republican. The House Democrats have a plan that would put her in a district with Republican John Grant of Tampa. That district is slightly more Democratic than the Senate plan. Figg, who's also considering running again for the House, said she'll make up her mind when she sees the final lines.

Maybe those lamps make 'em thirsty

Maybe he needs a pronunciation guide. Then again, maybe he said it on purpose.

They're tanning salons, but Gov. Lawton Chiles calls them something a little different.

Defending his tax proposal last week before a conference of children's advocates, Chiles said taking away the sales tax exemptions for tanning "saloons" is just one example of getting the well-to-do to pay more.

"I keep hearing "mom and pop,'

" Chiles said, referring to tax opponents' claims that his taxes hit average people. "Mom and pop don't go to the tanning saloon."

"Tasteless' could be the wrong word

There was a "telegram" for Capitol Tiger Bay Club members Friday when presidential candidate David Duke showed up to speak at a luncheon.

Tiger Bay President Lee Hinkle said the telegram came from Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee killer who ate some of his victims.

"I hear you are having David Duke for lunch," the message said. "Bon appetit."

What's in a name? These jokes:

More Duke funning.

Van Poole, chairman of the State Republican Party, has a name that sounds like "a staging area for recreational vehicles," Tallahassee lawyer Steve Slepin said last week. He made the comment while introducing Duke, the would-be candidate for president whom Poole excluded from the March 10 Republican presidential ballot. Duke later referred to Poole as "the great Winnebago in the sky."

When words come back to haunt you

Sometimes words come back to haunt people.

Just ask former House Speaker Ralph Haben, a lobbyist for Florida cable television companies.

Last month, when Chiles proposed a new tax on cable television service, Haben told reporters: "The bottom line is, I don't think it's fair to make people pay more money to watch television."

The quote appeared in newspapers around the state, and across the top of a notice sent to cable television subscribers announcing a rate increase.

A certain inspiration from the hustings

Patrick Sullivan of Essex, England, got a taste of campaigning American-style when he and his family attended a Bill Clinton rally Wednesday in Orlando, where the Sullivans were vacationing. The Sullivan youngsters pounced on the free pizza and soft drinks. Patrick Sullivan accepted a Clinton campaign poster, held it at arm's length and said: "I'll take it for a souvenir. That's nice." A moment later, he said, "I'll put it over my bed. Maybe it'll help with my sex life."

_ Compiled from reports by staff writers Lucy Morgan, Bill Moss, John D. McKinnon and David K. Rogers.