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Favorites rule all-conference team

Brandon and East Bay dominate the coaches' selections for the all-Western Conference teams again this year.

Brandon captured its 20th consecutive conference title by completing its 20th straight season undefeated. The Eagles, 14-0 this season, have now won 230 consecutive dual matches to extend their national record.

The Indians were 6-0 in the National Division of the conference and 10-4 overall.

Brandon's Mike Sumnick, the Eagles 145-pounder and one of only six seniors in the starting lineup, felt recording an undefeated season is part of a senior's responsibility.

"Winning the Western Conference means the seniors have done their part to maintain the winning tradition for Brandon," said Sumnick. "A lot of Brandon alumni kept the "streak' going before us. Now we want state."

The Eagles had 10 on the first team of the American Division of the conference and 13 selections altogether.

East Bay placed five on the National Division first team and 12 altogether.

The Indians lost two of their stalwart senior starters before the season even started and faced what head coach Tom Lota thought could be a very bleak year. Jeremy McAuliffe (170) was sidelined with a knee injury and Darrell Daigle (160) moved to Bradenton.

"We are pleased to end the season 10-4 considering the circumstances," said Lota. "When you lose two wrestlers of the caliber of McAuliffe and Daigle, the team is hurt. But seniors Eric Rivera, Darrel Westbrook, Joe Cardosa, Richard Rubright, Joe Hughes and Matt Gilmore filled in very well and underclassmen Todd Gobbi and Jeremy Hughes were very pleasant surprises. The kids worked hard for the conference title and they deserved it."

The Western Conference American Division first team coaches selections were:

103: Guy Rogers (King). 112: Stein Edwards (Brandon). 119: defending state champion Dennis Kitko (Brandon). 125: Darrell Tabor (Brandon). 130: Bill Lynn (Gaither). 135: Dereck Tabor (Brandon). 140: Eric Trout (Brandon). 145: Lon Passoff (Chamberlain). 152: Marcel Dinard (Brandon). 160: Mike Reynolds (Brandon). 171: Thomas White (Leto). 189: Charles Guyton (Brandon), Paul Burke (Brandon) and Cory Churchill (Brandon.)

Selected for the second team:

103: Mark Reynolds (Gaither). 112: Aaron Diaz (Chamberlain). 119: Dan Ballard (Gaither). 125: Bobby Trinh (Chamberlain). 130: Dennis Park (Chamberlain). 135: Marwan Williams (King). 140: Dan Taphorn (Bloomingdale). 145: Abdel Abu-Khdair (King). 152: Adrian Pagan (Leto). 160: George Fallieras (Chamberlain). 171: Tim Craig (Bloomingdale). 189: Damion Butler (Chamberlain). 220: Richard Ficca (Chamberlain) and Ryan Hillgruber (Bloomingdale).

Honorable mention: 103: Paul Peralla, 112. Dave Watkins (Bloomingdale). 119: Dusty Deese (Leto). 125: Victor Barbosa (Gaither). 130: Jon Gonzalez (Brandon). 135: Mike Taphorn (Bloomingdale). 140: Dan Schmier (Chamberlain). 145: Mike Sumnick (Brandon). 152: John Buckley (Bloomingdale). 160: Harris Reynolds (King). 171: Brandon Robbins (Brandon). 189: Dean O'Brien (Bloomingdale). 220: Scott Kimsey (Bloomingdale). 275: Traverias Smalls (King).

The Western Conference National Division first team:

103: Ricky Perri (Jefferson). 112: Shad Dean (East Bay). 119: Jeremy Hughes (East Bay). 125: Charlie DeCroes (Plant). 130: Almikar Capo (Robinson). 135: Mondie Richardson (Jefferson). 140: Xaviera Johnson (Robinson). 145: Darrin Westbrook (East Bay). 152: Makonen Myles (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech). 160: Roger Castle (Armwood). 171: Tarrence Combs (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech). 189: Richard Rubright (East Bay). 220: David Apadoca (Robinson). 275: Eric Rivera (East Bay).

Second team selections: 103: Alfredo Flores (East Bay). 112: David Walsh (Robinson). 119: David Smith (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech). 125: Matt Gilmore (East Bay). 130: Joe Hughes (East Bay). 135: Joe Cardosa (East Bay). 140: Brian Austin (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech). 145: Josh McDaniels (Plant). 152: Todd Gobbi (East Bay). 160: Mark Gowins (Hillsborough). 171: Justin Salgado (Robinson). 189: Jerry Ramos (Armwood). 220: Antonio Carswell (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech) and Scott Baker (Robinson).

Honorable mention: 103: Mike Denny (Armwood). 112: Jason Raaeen (Jefferson). 119: Jose Ramirez (Robinson). 125: Kenneth Colemann (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech). 130: Lawrence Smith (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech). 135: None. 140: Mike Piper (Jefferson). 145: Robert Brown (Armwood). 152: None. 160: Brian Quick (Jefferson). 171: Larry Smith (East Bay). 189: Antonio Roman (Robinson). 220: Fred Wright (East Bay). 275: Horace Peterson (Tampa Bay Vo-Tech).