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Say no to bid by Nintendo

Re: The Nintendo-led bid for the Seattle Mariners.

As an American citizen who formerly owned businesses in Germany, I would be hypocritical to oppose this purchase because of foreign ownership. However, Nintendo should not be allowed to have a major interest in any offer for the Seattle Mariners for the following reasons:

1. Ichiro Yoshikuno, commissioner of baseball in Japan, says it is very unlikely any foreign ownership would be allowed in Japanese baseball. Americans do not need another situation where we open our markets to the Japanese, and they refuse to open theirs to ours.

2. The owner of Nintendo, Hirosha Yamauchi, admits that he really does not like baseball and that baseball has never really interested him. This increases the probability that Nintendo's reason for wanting to spend $60-million to purchase the Mariners is for direct advertising for his company, which certainly is not in the interest of professional baseball in the U.S.

Hopefully, the owners of Major League Baseball will take these and other factors into consideration and reject the Nintendo-led offer for the Seattle Mariners.

Thomas Schueller, St. Petersburg