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Subdivision stuck with Nazi symbol

Mariano Fajardo wants you to know, he and his neighbors are not Nazis.

And city zoning officials say honoring Adolf Hitler is the last thing they want to do.

But they've all agreed to stick with the name city fathers gave a Miami subdivision 16 years before the Nazis came to power in Germany: "Swastika Park."

The old name popped up recently at a Miami Zoning Board meeting when a homeowner asked for permission to build an addition, and officials took out a 1917 map of city files.

"I didn't realize it until I saw my deed," said Fajardo, who moved into the eight-square-block area west of the Orange Bowl recently. "I was surprised: "Swastika? What is this?'


The map of the area is decorated with bent crosses, which were symbols of good luck before the Nazis appropriated them as their party's emblem. The document also labels Northwest 20th Avenue as "Swastika Avenue."